Triangle of Health

The Triangle of Health is comprised of three aspects, or sides: Nutritional, Emotional, and Structural Health

     The Triangle, or Triad of Health, is a representation of the concept that in order for an individual to acquire an overall healthful lifestyle, they must have an interactive foundational balance between these three areas-  Physical Health, Nutritional Health, and Emotional Health. This concept was initially conceived by  D.D. Palmer,  the “Father of Chiropractic” and the discoverer of the chiropractic adjustment.  The Triangle of Health was also propounded by Dr. George Goodheart, the “Father of Kinesiology”, from whom  originated  all  muscle testing techniques in use today.

     At the Winner Wellness Center, we believe that in order to achieve peak individual health, we must address all three of these foundations of health equally. Through muscle testing, structural realignments, emotional therapy, etc., it is our passion to provide our patients with the knowledge and tools they need, so that they may attain the healthful lifestyle they deserve!





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