Sleep Problems Eliminated North GA

Something happened to me the other day was pretty interesting. Lady, he’d come in to the office and she said she’d heard a survey and the radio she thought was about most interesting. So I said, what’s, what was that? She said, Well, the radio announcer asked this question, what is the most prominent thought that most people think of each and every day? I said, that’s pretty simple. It’s probably food. No, that’s not it. She said, Well, something about your family. No, it wasn’t either. Okay, how about time off? Nope, no, again? Well, then I said, All right, you got me. I don’t know what most people think about each and every day. What she said is sleep. She said in the survey, 97% of people said, they can’t wait till they get home at night, they can put their head down on the pillow. Wow, I thought that’s an interesting thought. That figure and those thoughts were astounding to me. Even though many of my patients talk about the first or second symptom they have is fatigue. So I know it’s a problem. But I didn’t realize until she talked about the survey that how big a problem it was. Let’s talk about taking joyful things out of your life, you can’t sleep, you can’t enjoy life the way you’re designed to. So think about it. If you’re tired all the time, playing or interacting with your kids, is probably not something’s going to help and make easy make it easy for you, you’ll do it but you have to push on through or spending time with your friends and loved ones, you’re not going to be laughing are not going to realize your life’s passion by having a fatigue problem. And you’re certainly not going to be contributing to the world to make it a better place because you don’t feel good. You don’t have the energy to make anything happen anyway. So if you are someone who might have added some of the things to my list being fatigue one of them, I want to help you try to understand what’s possible here. More than that, I want to give you some possible solutions, and hopefully the solution to your problem. So if that’s the top of your list, not able to sleep, and what’s causing the problem, and it will sleep, we’re going to talk about what’s possible. First of all, is not a bigger c pap machine. It’s not more drugs and medication. We know that’s only a temporary solution, if it’s a solution at all. So our job in our offices to find out what’s the cause of the problem, we find the cause we find the solution. Oh, and by the way, that solution is a life changer. So for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of patients to not only help them sleep, but to help them give a deep restful sleep, so that when they wake up in the morning, they feel fresh, it feel alert, and they’re ready to get into the day and create a new day for themselves. So, over the years, here’s what I’ve seen and see if this doesn’t connect with you as well. One of the there’s a lot of a lot of reasons, but some of the reasons are this. First digestive issues. find this a lot. hiatal hernias, gastric reflux, the burping distension in the stomach is one of the problems that have to be addressed. There. We’re also seeing physical body pains, feet problems, feet, numbness, hip problems, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pains, hip pain can’t roll around in bed, because all those pains come up and they have to keep rolling away from the pains. Or it’s interesting. We see a lot of frequency and urgency problems. People getting up to 345 I’ve had upwards to eight times at night to go to the bathroom. If you’re up during the night, walk around, you’re not sleeping so you move on. So frequency urgencies are the problem when the problems we take care of we see that often it’s very solvable. Then again, an interesting thing we’ll see is a thing with the constant mind chatter. The brain just won’t turn off. So even help people successfully deal with that pattern of making the channel go away. And also by the way, another thing we see is people that when go they go to sleep, that their significant other snores there’s outside noises and activities or lights in the room that they can’t notice the room is very dark. These are emotional stresses they have to bet have to be in can be dealt with. And we are going to deal with those. Because if we can’t, can’t get your mind chatter to relax and be comfortable, you’re going to be up all night trying to make that go away. So then, once we got the problems identified, then we’re going to correct the problems and all these are correctable problems by the way, so you can find life expanding sleep fullness again and get back in your life as well. What we have found is 80 to 90% of our patients on that very first visit, begin to get a quality and improve sleep for the first time in years.

if you believe as I do that your body is a self healer. And you believe there might be a solution, your problem. And you have that you can now have the ability to sleep as you know that you can, then I urge you to see if we can help you by giving me a call. That call is to our office, which is 770536 6600 or go online to winner And email us we have a chance to talk, the conversation in the consultation is free. If I can help you, I’ll give you the solution know how we’re going to make that happen. If I can’t help you, I’ll give you some options that you can work look at and see if you can work through as well. So if this is the time for you to say God, I want to get my rest I want to be able to sleep well. I want to make a change and I got to start thinking outside this traditional box I’ve been in for such a long time. This is time to make the phone call. I look forward to helping you I look forward to making your life change. Looking forward to get you back on track. The vitality you know used to have that you’re gonna have again. So I hope for you good health and a healthy future.