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Learn more about energized health and how that ties into our mission here at the Winner Wellness Center! Dr. Jack F. Winner explains the working concepts behind Nerve Supply, Meridian Flows, Muscle Strengthening, and Chi, and how these affect your body everyday. Remember, your body is energy; the better that energy flows through your system, the healthier you are!

Energetic Medicine Explained


Dr. Winner explains the technique and system he is using to determine and correct dysfunction and dis-ease in your body. This system as unorthodox as it seems is really very well organized and consistent. He is using a Muscle Testing system to determine weakness and strengths in your body. Then he is following organs that are showing deficiencies in normal energy flow. From those weakened organs he us using energetic pathways called Meridians to find the ‘Blocked Energy’ or ‘Chi’. As he follows that Chi he is finding those blocked areas and opening the pathways. This, in turn, gives your body the increase use of your vital energy to heal and regenerate all aspects of you.

As out of the box as this Energetic Medicine might seem to you, get ready for more and more of this type of system to find it’s way into main stream health care. Remember we live in a sea of energy and you are energy. Restrict it and your health will begin to spiral down. Enhance it and you become healthier and more vital.

You have the power. Manage it as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Welcome Video

This is Dr Winner who is welcoming you to the Winner Wellness Center after your 1st visit. He is reminding you to drink at least 32 – 48 ounces of water from this day forward. Then directing you to take a warm shower and move around in that shower. After the shower walk around bare footed and move around again. If you will do that you should feel more comfortable and sleep much better. I hope you are ready to get your life back? We are ready to get you there.

Muscle Testing – Why it Works Day 4

Dr Winner explains the what and why of muscle testing. Muscle testing shows us what your
body is doing in real and present time. If your system is strong and in balance all the muscles
will indicate that. They will all be strong. If one or many of them are weak, we now know there
is something that is not giving your body all the support it can be giving you. In other words your
body is not at a state of full capacity or in a dis-eased state. Not it’s ideal function.
Through muscle testing we can now determine the problem, diagnostics. Then use that information
to correct the dysfunction, treatment.
When you are first introduced to this system, it almost seems to good or to simplistic to be true.
If it is new to you, that is probably true. But like anything, the proof is in the results. Dr,. Winner
expects results each visit and so should you.

Ear Infections North Georgia

Ear infections can cause a lot of sleepless nights and lots of anguish for the parents. What
most parents do is wait until the problem gets bad enough that they will give the kids baby
aspirin and or a little heavier medication to ease the pain. If that doesn’t work they will go
to urgent care or their doctors office is open or if it is really bad enough to the hospital. In all
these places they usually get an antibiotic and something to get the fever down and a pain killer
so everyone can sleep. This is the normal average procedure. Then when it happens again, and
it will happen again, they go thru the same set of procedures again, with the same result.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop this continue cycle. The way to stop it is by getting to the
cause of the problem.
What is happening in almost all cases is that there is blockage in the eustachian tubes of the ear.
This back up stops the flow of blood and lymphatic flow down that tube. When this happens bacteria
has a chance to grow . When that happens that growth creates pressure and that creates pain. So the antibiotics kills the bacteria, but the original problem, tight muscles that close off the eustachian tubes remains. These tight muscles in the neck and throat continue to slow lymphatic drainage and the problem is ready to return when something caused you to increase mucus flow.
The correction is find and eliminate what ever substance is creating mucus. We call those substances allergens. They can be allergic reactions to animals dander, foods, seasonal allergies, mold or mildew or any other number of mucus producing substances in our environment.
At the Winner Wellness Center is to identify those allergens, open up those restricted lymphatic vessels and strengthen and balance the neck and chest muscles. Once this happens the pathways are open and there is no infection. No infection, no ear pain, no hearing loss.

If you or someone you know has this problem, call the Winner Wellness Center and make an appointment to stop this damaging cycle.

Migraines Explained , North GA

Migraine head aches can be caused by any of a number of reasons. From a physical component, like a pinched nerve in your neck or any other part of your body. These pinched nerves that affect communications between tissues and organs, if restricted, do not allow the proper nerve flow to regulate and harmonize the body. Once released you increase the chances for the body to release the pressure and decrease the pain,
Then you have the chemical component. If you were to have an allergic reaction, even if it is slight, to foods or air borne substances, including smells or frequencies. This is to also include hormonal imbalances especially during a mensural cycle. These can all initiate a migraine headache.
Then there can be the emotional component. Stress, anger, frustration, fear, dread, anxiety, sadness to name a few, can all create a migraine episode.
The conventional wisdom is to take a drug or medication and hope that that can maybe decrease or at best hold off the pain of a migraine, knowing that most often this is not a permanent solution to the problem and not really attacking the cause.
The approach in our office is to find the cause of the problem and eliminate it. The way we do that is by using a method called Kinesiology that tests for the three components listed above, the physical, emotional and the chemical cause of the problem. Once identified the restriction is eliminated and the pain is gone and your body in it’s wisdom can return to it’s natural state of healing itself.

Back Pain, Pinched Nerves Explained

Hello, everyone. It’s Mike Stewart again here with Dr. Jack Winner. Today, we’re going to talk to Dr. Jack about back pain. Dr. Jack, what can you do different to help patients with back pain?
Good question, Mike. Mike, I do a process called, chiropractic and a process called, kinesiology. Chiropractors major focus is helping pinched nerves being released and has been their main bread and butter for the last 90 years. Since we’ve been doing such we have gotten to be experts at getting that pressure off those nerves. So, we’ve been working with taking pressure off nerve supply, and it’s usually the culprit of back pain
If you have a pinched nerve, and oftentimes it’s very low back, and that’s what most people come in with that and that’s what they’ll complain about. If we can identify where that bone structure is being out of place, putting pressure on the nerve supply, take the pressure back off, it relieves the pain almost instantly within a visit or two.
Now, beyond that point, Mike, we don’t want to get the pressure off the nerve supply, we want to keep it off. What we found a problem with a lot of people that they’ve gone to chiropractors, or they did a thing with injections in their back, or some kind of a medication, or some kind of Aleve or ibuprofen. The pain went away, but then the pain came back again.
That’s the problem with so much of back pain that many people suffer back pain almost a lifetime, on and off. The sad part about that, they don’t know when that back pain’s going to come about. They might be on vacation or being with their friends and just doing something crazy, and all of a sudden they got back pain.
So, the first thing we want to do is identify where the pain’s coming from. Again, most often, obviously you can you talk about the low back, but very specifically, is it a bone that’s out of place? Which bone’s out of place? Which nerve supply’s got pressure against it? So, the first thing we want to do is identify the problem. Then Mike, the next thing we’re going to do is find out which muscles are in spasm or not doing their job, not supporting that area, get the muscles out of spasms so we get them some relief as quick as we can.
Then, the bigger picture here is we want to stop that problem from returning again. How we do that is we make sure the muscles have support that joint area. Then all the muscles around the back, what we call those core muscles, we want those core muscles strong as well. If we get that to happen, now this person’s out of pain and now they can begin to do the things, like bending over the sink or vacuuming, where it won’t cause any problem because the core muscles are holding that bone in place and keeping it in place for us.
What makes you so confident, and the proof, that this process helps patients?
Fortunately, I’ve had 37 years to work at this, and probably thousands of patients working with us as more time as well. I’ve got to tell you, Mike, the first person I ever worked with, this lady who had a problem with her neck pain, she couldn’t lift her arm up and comb her hair or brush her teeth. After I adjusted her a couple of times and the bone went back into place and her pain went away, but then the problem came back again. I realized by that third visit, adjusting the bone wasn’t enough. I needed to work with the muscles.
So, I took out a book called, Gray’s Anatomy, which I think a lot of people have heard of that. It shows all the muscles in the body and where they’re attached and where they go to. What I asked this lady to do is ask her to lay on her stomach, and I took this book and found out which muscle were in spasm in her neck and which ones are not strong enough. I just balanced those out through a process called, kinesiology.
Once I strengthened those muscles, that bone went back into place. A couple of weeks later when I called her back, she said, “You know, my neck pain is still fine. And by the way, my migraine headaches have gone since you did that muscle stuff as well.” I realized all the way back then, that was 37 years ago, that I need to make sure I make sure these muscles are strong and they’re doing their job, and anything we need to do support those muscles to make the body healthy. If we can do those kinds of procedures, we now get people out of pain, and we keep them out of pain, long term.
So, what I’m hearing is you have years and years of happy, successful cases and testimonials from people who’ve been relieved of the pain .So if you have that kind of proof, if someone has back pains, what are their next steps that you suggest to get relief?
Well Mike, I would call or email me and just have a conversation. In that conversation, they can get some more clarity about what’s happening. I think what a lot of people do, they’re confused. First of all, they’re in pain. So, they want immediate relief. But more than that, if we can give the information, have them understand why the problem’s coming about, and how it’s going to be corrected, that’s probably one of the better things we can do.
So if they want to email me at winnerwellness.com, we can actually begin to have that conversation or they can call. Our phone number is (770) 536-6600, and we’ll have a conversation with them and begin to see where they’re at, and how we can help them, and where we can give them to somebody in their local area, wherever they’re at, to get some care for them.
All great information. So folks, this is the Winner Wellness Podcast with Dr. Jack Winner. I’m host Mike Stewart, and I recommend that you share our podcast. We’re in all the places where you can find podcasts: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and Spotify. And of course, if you have questions that you’d like to be covered on future episodes of the Winner Wellness Podcast, email Dr. Jack at winnerwellness@gmail.com, or be sure to go to their website, winnerwellness.com.
All you got to do is Google, “Winner Wellness,” and you’ll find the Winner Wellness Center. Be sure to know that Dr. Jack wants to make sure that you have a healthy life. So, I’m Mike Stewart. Until next time, this is the Winner Wellness Podcast.

Senior Health North Georgia

We are beginning to understand that we are beginning to live longer lives. In the 1960’s we were expected to die of
old age in the middle 60’s or early 70’s. That is not the case any longer. This video was shot in 2018 and that time
frame is still expanding. We are now even seeing people living into their 90’s and it is a not surprise to see 100 plus.
This is presenting a problem a most people have not planned on living that long. They didn’t plan their finances or their body
to take them to the end of a life well planned out. What happens is that they run out of money, their bodies begin
to break down. It doesn’t have to be that way. But you have to have a plan.
The Winner Wellness has a plan that is fit for you. Everyone is different so each plan is tailored to what you want to addressed.
The plan can address ‘I just want to Get Out of Pain’ to I want to ‘Correct Existing Weakness’ to ‘I want to Get Engaged in Fitness’
to I want to ‘Establish a Wellness Lifestyle’. Whatever your desire and willingness. ‘Your Plan’ is available. Call and make an
appointment. You are sooo worth it