Migraines Explained , North GA

Migraine head aches can be caused by any of a number of reasons. From a physical component, like a pinched nerve in your neck or any other part of your body. These pinched nerves that affect communications between tissues and organs, if restricted, do not allow the proper nerve flow to regulate and harmonize the body. Once released you increase the chances for the body to release the pressure and decrease the pain,
Then you have the chemical component. If you were to have an allergic reaction, even if it is slight, to foods or air borne substances, including smells or frequencies. This is to also include hormonal imbalances especially during a mensural cycle. These can all initiate a migraine headache.
Then there can be the emotional component. Stress, anger, frustration, fear, dread, anxiety, sadness to name a few, can all create a migraine episode.
The conventional wisdom is to take a drug or medication and hope that that can maybe decrease or at best hold off the pain of a migraine, knowing that most often this is not a permanent solution to the problem and not really attacking the cause.
The approach in our office is to find the cause of the problem and eliminate it. The way we do that is by using a method called Kinesiology that tests for the three components listed above, the physical, emotional and the chemical cause of the problem. Once identified the restriction is eliminated and the pain is gone and your body in it’s wisdom can return to it’s natural state of healing itself.

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