Kinesiology/ Chiropractic North GA

North Georgia’s #1 center for chiropractic and nutrition wellness specializing in Kinesiology.
Dr. Winner explains about Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.
This strengthening of the muscles leads to a more lasting correction. Then all organs are targeted and nutritionally supported. This is a whole body approach because your whole body is designed to function harmoniously to bring about good and lasting health. It is then in a state of ease not dis-ease.
Dr. Winner takes this approach to a higher new level as he incorporates advanced nutritional specialist Jeanne Winner, spokes person and national speaker for Standard Process, into his practice. Then he has discovered and perfected the use of a Cold LASER to enhance muscle
strengthening and long term structural support. And additionally he utilizes the Winner Emotional
Release Protocol to address and eliminate unchecked emotions that limit healing and wellness.

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