Whip Lash Neck Pain, North GA

Dina, knew she felt aches and pains that she didn’t have before the accident, but didn’t
understand how the auto had affected her life so dramatically. She couldn’t sleep, she was
feeling lots of tension, her neck-shoulders and back were all in pain and she was now exhausted
all the time.
Dr. Winner explained what happens in a whip lash injury. Ligament, tendons and
muscles tear at a micro level, so the remaining fibers tense up and try to stabilize the joint
spaces. As they over compensate they make you feel tense and rigid. In doing this nerves, muscles,
blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and the body in general can’t and won’t heal well.
This was the case with Dina. Once these areas were corrected her body could now heal and return
to normal and the healing process began.
I am pleased to say she is back to her happy go lucky self and Re-vitalized and Recharged.
Dina did this video for you because she wanted to let you know that there is pain from car
accidents and that sometimes those pains don’t show up for days or weeks or sometime months after
the accident occurs. If not dealt with your body adapts until some day down the road your body stop
holding those adaptions and these pains take your life over. It doesn’t need to be that way.
Call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line to winnerwellness.com and make an appointment.
You are totally worth it.

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