Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness – A comprehensive blend of holistic techniques designed to provide you and your family with high quality healthcare you can trust!

We offer:

  • Nutrition Testing
  • Laser Allergy Elimination
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Heart Sound Recordings

Our nutrition specialists Jeanne Winner N.D., CCN and Nicole Reynolds C.N. employ the use of muscle testing to discover exactly what YOUR body needs. Through this safe, non-invasive method, we can test individuals of all ages with accurate results!

New Patient Nutritional Evaluation
 New patient health history, interview, & assessment.  $150  •  1 hr.  
Nutrition Follow-up Testing & Consult
$ 50 • 30 min.
Laser Allergy Elimination

–  Elimination and desensitization of environmental and food allergies. $50  •  50 min.

Emotional Clearing

– Emotional release therapy through holistic techniques. $50 • 50 min.

Heart Sound Recorder Session 

–  Recording of patient’s heartbeat translated into a visual graph and an interpretive reading of graph. $50 • 30 min.