Frozen Shoulder North GA .
I had a frozen shoulder and neck pain that wouldn’t go away and it was getting worse.. I tried other doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon and they couldn’t give me any answers. I couldn’t get my arm around behind me to put on my bra strap or scratch my back. Then I was getting to the point it was affecting my job. I had to do something different.
I knew something about Kinesiology and was interested in another approach. So I called Dr. Winner. He explained that my body was a self healer, which means it can and will heal itself if given the right support. He talked about Kinesiology, a system of combined natural disciplines
that strengthens and balances muscles, tendons and ligaments. .He taught me about the interactions of my muscles and organs and how a wholistic approach gets my body back to healing itself and keeps it there. I liked the idea and I wanted to try.
The results are what I had hoped for. The pain is gone and the range of motion are as good as
or better than they have been in years. I liked that Dr. Winner got the results without drugs or
surgery. And I liked the fact that he understood that the whole muscular structure had to be
strengthened to maintain the correction. It all made sense and IT WORKS!.

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