Frequently Asked Questions

Can my pain be eliminated?

Pain is a side effect of a root issue. The most effective way to eliminate pain is to address the reason the pain began in the first place. Your commitment to care and follow through are among the major determining factors in permanently correcting the root cause. When functioning properly, your body is a self-healer! Our goal is to assist your body by providing the necessary additional support it needs to start that healing process.

What is the root cause of my problem?

Pain and other symptoms are often caused by a combination of the following: pinched nerves, blocked meridian flow, weakened muscles, and insufficient nutritional support. Our team of skilled professionals are here to address those issues, and we are excited to become a part of your health journey!

How long will it take to resolve my issue?

The speed of your recovery is largely based on three things.:

“How long you have had the issue?”

“What is the overall quality of your health?”

‘What is your commitment to follow through?”

Recent issues/injuries have had less time to compound and are easier to address. A healthy body is capable of responding to treatments much more quickly and your commitment to the doctor’s suggested treatment plan allows your body the time to completely address the root cause and leave no partially lingering issues.


What changes can I expect to see after treatments?

The most frequent and obvious changes after a treatment include decreased pain and increased range of motion! More subtle changes often include increased energy, better sleep quality, and improvements in posture, clarity of mind, and overall well-being. These are typically noticed immediately, but may take a few visits to be observed.


Do you pop & crack?

Here at the Winner Wellness Center, we believe that there is a better way to achieve skeletal and muscular health. Rather than using force to move the vertebrae back into place, we use a technique that involves strengthening the muscles in your body, which in turn will adjust the bones into their correct position naturally.


Should I exercise during my treatment?

Exercise aids the body in the healing process. We would ask you to limit your exercise until you are out of pain.  However, your body will notify you of your personal limits. If you experience pain or a restriction in movement, reduce the intensity of exercise and reintroduce easy, mild movements to the area. If you try to push past a pain or restriction, it will likely lead to additional problems.

Is there anything I can do to encourage a better treatment and healing process?

Supporting your body is key! Drinking 32+ ounces of water daily, taking a warm shower each evening after a treatment, stretching during and after the shower, and providing your body with proper nutritional support all enable your body to heal more quickly.

Is there any benefit to continuing chiropractic/kinesiology after my pain is gone?

Absolutely! Pain and discomfort often greatly reduce before the correction phase has begun. Then we are going to direct our attention to addressing this root cause keeps the ill effects from returning. Then there is the job of establishing a new pattern of living. And finally, like maintaining your car, you will have the opportunity to maintain your increased state of health for years to come.

Here at Winner Wellness, we focus on not only solving the problem, but also on guiding our patients to achieve optimal health. The way we accomplish this is through a system called “The Four Phases of Care”.

Phase 1: Relief

In the first phase, pain and other symptoms are most intense. Fatigue is typically very prevalent in this scenario and often the body is worn out from trying to repair itself without the necessary support it needs. Our aim is to open up restricted pathways and eliminate the pain and dysfunction,

Phase 2: Corrective

In this phase, symptoms are gone or much improved. Individuals experience increased function and mobility, and by the end of this stage are feeling great. They now notice what it really means to ‘feel good’.  Our goal is to achieve the most complete correction of the underlying problem as possible, change posture, increase mobility and increase range of motion.

Phase 3: Strengthening

At this Stage, patients begin to experience more energy in day-to-day life. Muscles and ligaments begin to strengthen, and increased mobility is achieved. You are now ready to begin more rigorous exercise. We are now looking for any break downs due to Increased stresses.  We want to fully live the life we hoped for with vitality and energy.

Phase 4: Wellness

Your optimal health is achieved, and you feel like yourself again! We have supported you through this journey, and are now helping your body maintain this state of good health for the years to come.