Energized Health, North GA


Learn more about energized health and how that ties into our mission here at the Winner Wellness Center! Dr. Jack F. Winner explains the working concepts behind Nerve Supply, Meridian Flows, Muscle Strengthening, and Chi, and how these affect your body everyday. Remember, your body is energy; the better that energy flows through your system, the healthier you are!

Energetic Medicine Explained


Dr. Winner explains the technique and system he is using to determine and correct dysfunction and dis-ease in your body. This system as unorthodox as it seems is really very well organized and consistent. He is using a Muscle Testing system to determine weakness and strengths in your body. Then he is following organs that are showing deficiencies in normal energy flow. From those weakened organs he us using energetic pathways called Meridians to find the ‘Blocked Energy’ or ‘Chi’. As he follows that Chi he is finding those blocked areas and opening the pathways. This, in turn, gives your body the increase use of your vital energy to heal and regenerate all aspects of you.

As out of the box as this Energetic Medicine might seem to you, get ready for more and more of this type of system to find it’s way into main stream health care. Remember we live in a sea of energy and you are energy. Restrict it and your health will begin to spiral down. Enhance it and you become healthier and more vital.

You have the power. Manage it as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Welcome Video

This is Dr Winner who is welcoming you to the Winner Wellness Center after your 1st visit. He is reminding you to drink at least 32 – 48 ounces of water from this day forward. Then directing you to take a warm shower and move around in that shower. After the shower walk around bare footed and move around again. If you will do that you should feel more comfortable and sleep much better. I hope you are ready to get your life back? We are ready to get you there.

Capillary Improvement – the BEMER

Optimum health is dictated by optimum blood flow. The better the blood flow the
better your body can break down old tissue and rebuild new tissue. This is an ongoing
life process.
What happens over time is that as we age we don’t use our bodies as efficiently as
we did when we were young, so our circulation decreases. This leads to dis-ease in
our bones, muscles, organs and all other tissues of our body.
Though this process is going to happen, we do have options. The BEMER is a truly
great one. It is easy to use, very relaxing, and tremendously effective. If you would
watch this video and pay particular attention to the clogged artery in the center. Miraculously
it works and works very very well. Just ask NASA.

Muscle Testing – Why it Works Day 4

Dr Winner explains the what and why of muscle testing. Muscle testing shows us what your
body is doing in real and present time. If your system is strong and in balance all the muscles
will indicate that. They will all be strong. If one or many of them are weak, we now know there
is something that is not giving your body all the support it can be giving you. In other words your
body is not at a state of full capacity or in a dis-eased state. Not it’s ideal function.
Through muscle testing we can now determine the problem, diagnostics. Then use that information
to correct the dysfunction, treatment.
When you are first introduced to this system, it almost seems to good or to simplistic to be true.
If it is new to you, that is probably true. But like anything, the proof is in the results. Dr,. Winner
expects results each visit and so should you.

Day 3

Dr Winner explains Kinesiology and how he brought Chiropractic, Acupressure, Muscle Strengthening and Muscle Testing, Emotional Release, Energic Release and more into aligning your body. Taking
you to the core and cause of your dis-ease. As he uses these processes, your body in it’s wisdom
wants to heal itself and that is what happens.
He specifically explains Acupressure and how Meridians flow through your body and release and open increased flow of energy called ‘Chi’. These Meridians are related to organ systems. Like the gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, heart and so forth. Every 24 hours this flow of Chi makes a complete cycle through your body and begins the cycle again.
Then through Muscle Testing he can follow that flow or lack of, to determine the next blocked point and open that one up. Then on to the next Meridian and so on and so on.
After each visit he is now allowing your body realign to this new increased flow of energy. That
is the healing process. Each visit removes the last layer. Then on to the next layer.

Day 2

Dr. Winner realizes the importance of aligning with your values and desires. If we are
both on the same page, it is more likely that you will get your requested results and
ideally more than you could had hoped for.
Here are some of those agreements. That your body is a self healer. If you have tried other
therapies and did not get your desired results, you need to change your approach. Think outside
the box. The healing process takes time. We are going to find the cause of your problem. All drugs
have side effects. Surgery should be you last option. Health insurance does not heal you. Americans are not healthy even though we have great Health Insurance. If your health is worth while, invest your time, energy and money in You. You are your most valuable asset. Invest wisely. Commit to your health future