I Had Fatigue & No Energy…I Needed Holistic Medicine! North GA

Have you ever struggled with low energy and loss of passion for life without even realizing it? This lack of joy and satisfaction in life robs us of the color and the purpose of our existence, creating depression, relationship difficulties, and physical health problems. These individuals give their testimony about their experience with such things, and tells how our team here at the Winner Wellness Center has been helping them to live more fully!


Neck & Back Pain Gone, North GA

Drue had tried other chiropractic approaches, but felt he didn’t get the long term result he had hoped for. So he stepped outside the orthodox box of traditional chiropractic and medical care to try the Wellness approach.

Within weeks he got what he felt was possible. Results! His back and neck pain were gone and did not return. Now he was sleeping better and his attitude and demeanor were back to the the upbeat and positive husband, father and friend that he had always been.

Beyond that Drue has regained that youthful enthusiasm he had back in his 20’s. .

Back Pain & Sciatic North Georgia


Sciatica and the Lower Back Pain that cause it are not something that you have to live with, if you know where to go. North Georgia Chiropractor-Kinesiologist has had phenomenal success working with the nerves and muscles that cause this problem to persist.
When Pam’s husband Bill had lower back pain and eventually turned into sciatica. The pain was unbelievable. When he went to the health care professional in Macon, but didn’t get any relief.
Since Pam had been to Dr Winner she knew that Kinesiology worked and suggested Bill make the drive to Gainesville, GA. If it works it will be well worth the drive.
Well after the 1st visit Bill got what he had hoped for. Relief. Pain gone. However, at the suggestion of Dr Winner who explained that if Bill was willing to return for the Strengthening Phase of Care the pain and the problem would not return. So for the next 4 weeks, twice a week, Bill returned to the office to strengthen his back. That worked too.
Here it is 15 years later and Bill still has not had the pain return. Chiropractic/Kinesiology works.

Bulging Disc North Georgia

Bulging discs can be very painful at best…..devastating at their worst.
Most every patient we see with a bulging disc is told that sooner or later they are going to have to have surgery. That is the only way they can be corrected. We have had patient after patient who
had bulging discs and got long term relief with out surgery. This is just one of many happy patients who wanted to tell his story.

The reason a disc is bulging is because the supporting tissue, the muscles tendons and ligaments
have been damaged and are no longer supporting a stressed area. If and when you strengthen these tissue the pressure comes off the disc, the nerves are no longer pinched and the pain is gone.
Done properly these corrections last for years and the more your are engaged in your wellness, these corrections can last even longer.

We have had exceptional results working with these problems. Taking away the pain feels wonderful, but strengthening the muscles and correcting the reason why the bulge happened in the first place is the ‘ideal’.
If you or anyone you know is suffering from a bulging disc have them call Winner Wellness Center and make an appointment. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Lower Back Pain Seniors, North GA

At 80 years old Marie had fallen and had what appeared to be chronic back pain. She didn’t
think a Chiropractor could help her. Her being 80 and such. Well that idea quickly faded as
she continued to improve, wonderfully with out the use of drugs or surgery.
Then something wonderful happened. Other aliments she had had for years began to go away.
Her sinuses can drain and that pressure and those clogged passages are now clear. She now realizes
that her body is getting better and now can see herself being around for another 10 years, plus. And,
by the way, she can now able to enjoy the experience.
Thru the use of Kinesiology/Chiropractic we have the opportunity to muscle test your supportive
muscles, find the weakened ones and restore them back to their optimum performance. This is where
Kinesiology has proven to be so successful. We use Muscle Testing, Acupressure, Cold LASER, Nutritional
Support and the Winner Emotional Release Protocol to produce immediate and long lasting results.

Degenerative Disc, North GA/Jeff

For 20 years Jeff has had back pain. Got to the point that he couldn’t vacuum, use a shovel, mow the lawn or play sports with out pain. Over that time he went to pain management and had epidural shots in his back, Without any relief, he was at his wits end. So he decided to step outside the medical model and try Chiropractic/Kinesiology.
The results were almost immediate. He got off his Celebrex and pain medications almost completely. With his life back he can now play tennis and golf again.
Jeff did this video because he wanted to share his success with those of you who have or have
had back pain or surgery over the years. You don’t have to live like that. There is hope and you can have success. You can call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at winnerwellness.com and make an appointment.

Degenerative Scoliosis, North GA/Debra#1

Debra has had back and neck pain for 25 years. She has been in pain management for 25 years. She has had 2 spine surgeries, one neck surgery and a
lumbar surgery. She had degenerative scoliosis. It began with a cervical disc surgery, That helped. But then all the pain came back. Her neck
has always been stiff since then. Then there was the lumbar surgery with 2 and a half years of recovery, she still had pain and had to be on pain
medication, which she didn’t want to keep doing.
She was told the only way to get out of pain is another surgical procedure. So first she was to try facet injections which were too painful for her to get a second time. She finally said, ‘That is Enough’ She Had to Try Something Different. She had to step Outside the Medical Model Box.
When she did she got the surprise of her life. The pain began to go away. Each visit with Dr. Winner decreased the pain and increased her
movement. After 4 weeks she woke up one morning and found herself pain free, with out the use of her years of drugs. She thought it was a miracle.
Dr. Winner knew it was the body healing itself. He knew that helping the body by realigning the nerve flow, strengthening the muscles and making
sure Debra got the right nutrition would make all the difference. After all the body is a Self Healer.
Debra did this video with the intention that her story could give Hope to others who have suffered like she has for all these years. And beyond that, she hopes she can pass on her experiences so that you do not have to go through what she has had to suffer.
If you would like more information about Dr. Winner or Kinesiology call at 770-536-6600 or email him at winnerwellness.com

Too Many Medications, North GA

Don was on 10 or 11 medications. Over the years he knew the medications all had side effect, but
the doctors just keep giving them to him because he was still in pain. On disability because of a back
injury that pain plus other complications and added medications just added to his body breaking down. He
didn’t want the pain or the medication, but didn’t know where to turn next.
Finally his daughter urged (pushed) him to try another approach. Mainly Chiropractic/Kinesiology.
He notice changes the 1st visit. He began to sleep at night, so his energy began to improve. With more
rest and less pain, he began to get active again. Doing the things he loved and beginning to enjoy life
Today Don is down to 2 medications and it looks like he can get his doctors approval to come off those in time.
Life is good again and getting better. Don was willing to tell his story because he wanted to give you the same hope his daughter gave his not so long again. If he can you can.