Dr. Jack F Winner, DC, AK

Dr. Jack F. Winner, DC, AK age 73

 • Doctor of Chiropractic

• Certified Applied Kinesiologist

• Certified Touch for Health Instructor

• Certified Brain Gem


– Whole Body Wellness

– Structural and Allergy Relief

– Repair of Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, and Muscle

– Depression, Fatigue, and Emotional Stress Relief

Dr. Winner’s journey began in the 1980’s when he discovered the “Whole Body Approach”. While in chiropractic school, he studied certain adjustment techniques regarding the relieving of nerve pressure. Dr. Jack discovered that strengthening the muscles in the body would relieve the pressure on afflicted nerves, and allow the communication between the brain and nervous system to be reopened once more. In essence, this technique would turn on the brain-body connection.

Although the immediate results of traditional chiropractic adjustments were promising, soon after the vertebrae would shift back out of place, and thus the treatment held no lasting effects. Opposed to the technique of forcing the bones to “pop” back into place, he knew he had to find a better solution to this problem.

Driven by this idea, he discovered the program “Touch for Health” an introduction to Kinesiology, the study of movement. Through studying this program, he learned malfunctioning or spasming organs could cause hyper-contractive or weakened muscle groups. These muscles groups would gradually draw bones out of alignment, creating pinched nerves.

Inspired by this new understanding, Dr. Winner decided to obtain his certification in the Art of Applied Kinesiology, and thus obtained more knowledge on how to resolve this issue in a safe, drug-free way. The number of recoveries from pinched nerves, weakened muscles, and malfunctioning organs was astounding, inspiring him to continue down the holistic path, taking into account each patient’s uniqueness, and formulating a plan to help them reach their own individual peak health.

As the years went by, he has continued in chiropractic/kinesiology care treating his patients, incorporating the use of holistic tools such as kinesiology adjustment, acupressure treatment, nutritional support, emotional release techniques, and more.

Dr. Jack Winner’s passion is to spread the word that your body is a self-healer; you don’t need drugs or invasive surgery to live your best life. Let him help you today at the Winner Wellness Center!