4 Steps to Wellness

Our 4 Steps to Wellness will help make the process of letting your body heal easier for you to understand! 

Here are our 4 steps to wellness and a brief description. 


– Phase 1: Relief 
This is the first step inn your journey to overall wellness. Here at the center, we will work with you to relieve any discomfort that you might be experiencing. Using our Wellness Scale of 0 – 100, you can measure your current state and monitor the improvements as you continue through your therapy!

    • Deceased (0)
      Body ceases to function.
    • Serious Condition/Advanced condition (10)
      Limited options.
    • Diagnosed Condition (20)
      Disease and/or medically recognized condition.
    • Pain/Run-Down (30)
      Always getting sick and/or has a complaint. Most often on medications.
    • Low Energy/Fatigue (40)
      Tired all the time, may use caffeine daily.

 – Phase 2: Correction 
We work with you to correct the issue that is causing you discomfort.

      • No Symptoms (50)
        At this stage we focus on helping individuals feel like themselves again.
      • High Energy (60)
        Individuals want to participate in life again, smile more.

 – Phase 3: Strengthening
During this phase, we will show you how to strengthen the affected area, and how to prevent re-occurance of your discomfort.

        • Immune Function (70)
          Health picture more persistent. Not sick as often. If individual gets sick, they will recover quickly.
        • Cell Rejuvenation (80)
          Regeneration process active. New healthy cells replacing old cells.

 – Final Phase: Wellness
This is the final phase, which provides you with continuing support on your journey to wellness!

    • Cell Protection (90)
      Immune system active, and fully functional.
    • Optimum Wellness (100)
      All systems and organs in body in harmonious flow!!!