Winner Wellness Podcast Launch with Dr. Jack Winner and Jeanne Winner

Welcome everyone to the Winner Wellness Podcast. My name is Mike Stewart, and I’m the guest here interviewing our resident expert, Dr. Jack Winner, with Winner Wellness. Jack, are you here?

Yes, I am Mike. Good to hear from you today.

Well, I’m excited about you starting this podcast and I know the listeners are going to get a lot of great value from it, so let’s get right to it. Dr. Winner, I know you have been in the healthcare business for 37 years learning to treat patients health using natural means, and too many people think that term “natural” hasn’t really sunk into the mainstream thinking yet. What would be a good definition of natural healthcare?

Good. Mike, first of all, you’re exactly right, and I think it’s a term that most people are very confused about, and sometimes fearful of because they don’t really understand what that’s all about. So it’s great that you asked that question because it’s nice to be able to talk about it a bit. Mike, what natural healthcare is, actually it’s a process with which you have the body do its natural healing on its own. All right?

The first thing we talk about with a patient in the office is the fact that your body is a natural healer. Oftentimes when I say that to somebody, most people realize that’s true. They know or knew their body was a natural healer, but gee, they got these sicknesses, and these pains, and these symptoms, and say, “Well, how come my body can’t solve the problem?” Natural healers are people who help the body heal itself, are thoughtful about processes and procedures to help the body get back to that natural state.

So what you mean is, is symptom free and not healthy?

Well Mike, yeah that’s a difficult question because oftentimes we think, “Well, if I don’t have any symptoms, I must be healthy,” which I think many people now realize is a misnomer. Symptom free is actually where we want to live our lives. But oftentimes just because we’re symptom free doesn’t necessarily say that we’re healthy. I’m sure many people out there Mike, realize that somebody was doing well and all of a sudden they go the doctor and they come to find out they have cancer, and within a week they’re gone.

Or they have a heart attack. They’re out just playing with their kids, and they have a heart attack. They didn’t have symptoms, but all of a sudden they have a condition that’s obviously either life-threatening or life-taking. So it suggests to us that maybe just because we’re symptom free doesn’t mean we’re healthy, and that misnomer is something that we have a chance to deal with a lot in the office when we talk about having the body heal itself and being proactive about your health.

Well, Dr. Winner, over the years there has been more talk about natural healthcare, but most people don’t know what that is. What is natural healthcare?

That’s a good question. Natural healthcare, Mike, it’s healthcare systems. It’s not actually one item. We talk about acupuncture, or chiropractic, or kinesiology, or biofeedback. There’s a lot of names and a lot of procedures out there that would help people attain good health. There’s not any one size fits all. All these different types of procedures work in unison really along the same lines. Their perspective is, we don’t want to give you some kind of drug or surgical procedure to take care of a symptom.

What these natural processes do is help the body realign itself. Again, if the body in fact is a natural healer, the body is trying to solve its own problem, but for some reason it got restrictions or limitations, and these different kind of techniques help the system organize itself and utilize its own system properly so it can do its own healing.

Well, since this is our first podcast, and great answers doctor, it’s great to have this information and I know people are going to really get a lot of value from it. But let’s since this is the first one, just to establish this, tell me a whole lot about you, a lot more, so people know who all you are, what you do and what do you do differently that help, introduced your patients, your folks, to natural healthcare.

Okay. Well Mike, I’ve done a thing called chiropractic. I became a chiropractor about 37 years ago, and what chiropractic deals with is a thing called chiropractic adjustments is what we were told, we were taught, that we actually take pressure off a bone. Then it takes pressure off the nerve supply. The basic premise of the chiropractic is that nerve supply are communicators within the system, and if a nerve is being blocked anywhere within the system, the body can’t communicate properly within someone’s system. So chiropractor’s actually will adjust bone structures and take pressure off nerve supplies.

Mike, I started doing that back then, and I started realizing I adjusted bones but they wouldn’t stay in place, and begin to understand that the muscles are pulling the bones in or out of place, and there was a spastic muscle or a weakened muscle. There’s an imbalance in those muscular systems. What I found, if I could start to strengthen those muscle systems, we could actually put the bone back in place and keep it there, and that kept pressure off the nerve supply. Mike, along with that, it took us even further along the way with this process called kinesiology. Kinesiology actually means the study of movement. A kinesiologist has or learned to utilize a lot of different procedures put together into an encompassed group called applied kinesiology.

But acupuncture, or acupressure, chiropractic, muscle origin insertion points, meridian flows, nutrition, emotional mind stress, all those pieces are pieces of the puzzle that allow the body to be healthy. So over the 37 years I’ve had a chance to keep trying different procedures and processes to allow people’s health to be maximized. It’s been a good study, and they call it a practice Mike, and it certainly is a practice, because you keep learning more and more things as you go along the way. From the beginning, our intention was to empower people to be as healthy, and functional, and vital as they possibly could. As we keep learning more procedures, we keep adding more procedures to what we do.

All great information, Dr. Jack, and what I encourage everybody to do is that if you have questions for Dr. Jack, we’re going to be posting these podcasts on a regular basis. We encourage you to come back and listen. If you have a question, email it to, and that way Dr. Jack will know something that you have an interest in learning. We’re going to be meeting regularly, and we’re going to be building a library of these Q&As on You can subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and most importantly, we’re going to be in Spotify. Wherever you get your favorite podcast, you’ll be able to listen to it on your home devices such as the Google Home and the Alexa. Until next time, I’m Mike Stewart for, and thank you so much Dr. Jack.

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