Veteran’s Low Back North, GA

Gerald has had back pain for years. He thought after the surgery the pain would go away and that would be the end of it. His medical doctor said, ‘there was no alternative but surgery.’ So, he took the doctors advice and did the surgery. Sadly , like the doctor said, ‘the back surgery will not solve the problem forever, the pain will come back’. The doctor was right. The pain did come back. ‘

So he was right back to where he was when his back was hurting before the surgery.’ He knew he had to step outside the box and try some alternative health care approach. Fortunately so did the VA (Veterans Administration). They recommended Dr Winner at the Winner Wellness Center.

The results were immediate. After the 1st visit Gerald got relief. Beyond that, Gerald’s whole demeanor began and continued to improved. He felt good again. He got his life back again. He regained his faith and hope that he could get better and have future that could be pain free.

He shared his story with the hopes that others with sever back pains could be spared the pain and loss of quality living like he did. If you can relate to his journey and would be willing to step outside the traditional medical model of care, call Dr. Winner in Gainesville, GA.

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