Type 2 Diabetes Re Visited North GA

About four years ago, a good friend of mine and I were having a heated discussion about type two diabetes. He kept insisting there is no cure for diabetes. So I asked him, Have you ever heard of one person who was on diabetic medication come off, because their blood sugar dropped back to normal in the pancreas had revealed itself? He said, Yes, he knew one guy, but that was really unusual. I said, Yeah, it probably was unusual. But one person who was on medication was able to come off that medication. And you did the same thing that person did. Could you see the possibility that you could come off as well? I said, doesn’t that make sense to you? Well, he had agreed it made sense. But obviously, it couldn’t happen to him. It couldn’t happen to a lot of other people, right? Wrong. By the way, the reason we were having this discussion is because my friend had been a type two diabetic. He was on the pill, Metformin. Later that year, after Christmas, my friend’s blood sugar began to peak to the point his medical doctor said, You have now need to go on to the shot, because the pills not working for you any longer. So you have to start taking shots daily. And though medication took care of his expenses, he just didn’t want to have to stick himself a needle. And he also didn’t want those drugs in his system. So what happened is, he got angry, and then you got busy. He started looking at looking and asking questions. How can he get educated about what do I do about blood sugar? And how do I get it under control? It took all of two months. When he returned back to his medical doctor, his blood sugar and sugar had dropped back into the normal range. And he was staying off the medication as well. Well, the doctor had no choice. He took them off the medication that was four years ago, is still medication free, and no longer has risk of pancreatic cancer. Though my friend story may be making it hard to believe that that’s possible. And think he was just like one of the lucky ones. He is not just one lucky ones. He’s just one of those people who understood there was a reason why he had diabetes. If he understood the reason and took responsibility for the solution, by getting to the root of the cause of the problem, he could become insulin free. And that’s just what he did. I tell you a story because you and someone like you might have type two diabetes in this could be your story, not just his. for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help people, like my friend and others regain health. If I help can help them. I know I can help you too. So we have not met yet. I think I know some things about you that might be interesting. It might be something, some reason why I’m talking with you as well. Here’s what I know, I know that many people want to be healthy. I know all of you want to be viable. Now many of you want to be out of pain, and you want to be off drugs and medication. And finally, what I know about each and every one of you that your body is a self either is capable of getting healthy. If given the opportunity and the right support in the proper way. There is a solution. What I’m asking you to do is pick up your phone and call me at 775366600 go online at winter wellness.com. Find a place for you. I’ll find that place and make if you make the appointment. The consultation is free. And I am going to help you see if we can find the reason why you’re having diabetes, diabetic condition itself we can help you. We will make a plan. But if I can’t help you by the way, I’ll give you some options and things you can do to begin your process as well. So, if today is a day right now, and I’m talking directly to you make this call. Let’s change your life forever. I hope for you good health and a healthy future.

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