Thyroid Problems North Georgia.

Thyroid symptoms may be the underlining cause of much of America’s Health Gone Bad. The symptoms of Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Brittle & Splitting Finger Nails, Memory Loss, Moodiness, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Loss of Concentration & Focus, Cracked Heels to name a few.. Doctors are not finding the correction to these problems, but are still prescribing medications
thinking that is the answer. We now know it needs to be a whole body approach.
Jennifer knew these problems were going on and she tried everything she knew of to solve them.
It was frustrating and she wasn’t getting any answers from her medical doctors. She knew if she
wanted to get to the bottom of this she had to try a different approach. That is when she called the Winner Wellness Center.
After her physical we explained to her what the problem was. She had a sporadic functional thyroid, parasites and some restricted nerve and blood flow.
Almost immediately that began to change once we addressed those problems. I can not tell you how relieved I am to know what my problem was and now get the relief I have been hoping for. My life is back for me and my family. No drugs and no surgery.
If you or someone you know has been suffering from some of the same things I have been for years, call the Winner Wellness Center. These people are amazing.

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