On September 11, 2009 I got a call from my neurologist confirming the biopsy on my prostate. It was prostate cancer. You can imagine what I felt when I heard the “C” word. But I wanted a second opinion from the oncologist. With that same diagnosis he offered two treatment options: 1) seed radiation 2) external radiation – both are still radiation no matter what.

I had to ask “Why did I get this cancer?” and “If we radiate will it come back or will it spread?” I didn’t like this approach and I didn’t like that they were not seeing my body as having the ability to heal itself. So I wanted a third option.

I called Winner Wellness Center. Our first conversation was about what I wanted to happen both short term and long term. I knew I wanted the cancer gone and I did not want it to return. We talked about the triangle of health and how that affects me overall – looking at my emotional state, my nutrition and my physical structure.

Well, here it is 6 months later and my PSA’s are going toward the normal range, my health and vitality are at an all time high. I’m even getting to cut back on some medications I was taking, like my blood pressure medication. I now have the tools and support and understanding to enable my body to regenerate itself. My healthy future is now in my capable hands with a little help from my friends at the Winner Wellness Center.

Oh, by the way, my medical doctors could find no sign of the prostate cancer as of April 10, 2010. He said I must have been over diagnosed.

Gary B.

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