I had a neuroma on the back of my left calf that was very painful and swollen. My medical doctors said, “it has to be removed.” I was fearful of surgery. When he told me that he may need to cut a nerve, which would cause numbness in my leg, I said that I would like to look for an alternative therapy.

So, I talked to Dr. Winner and Jeanne, the nutritionist, and asked for their opinions. They explained that the neuroma (inflamed nerve growth/tumor) may be due to poor circulation and deficient muscle tone.

What they talked about made sense. So, I decided to try this conservative treatment plan while keeping in touch with my medical doctor about possibly needing surgery.

I’m pleased to report that the neuroma has shrunk in size, the sharp pain is gone, my circulation and muscle tone is remarkably better. I even walked on a treadmill this weekend without pain.

Peggy J.

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