Muscle Tear

I couldn’t throw a pitch without arm pain. So I did some physical therapy, but it didn’t really help. I met with an orthopedic that worked with the Atlanta Braves. He said it was a bicipital tear and that It needed rest. I did what he said, but my first pitch put me right back into pain.

Then I went to Birmingham to an orthopedic group. I got the same advice: rest and physical therapy. So that’s what I did. Again, the first pitch I threw caused the same pain after about 6 weeks of rest and physical therapy.

Since my sister went to the Winner Wellness Center for a TMJ problem and had good results, my mom said let’s give it a try.

Dr. Winner examined me and explained to me how muscle tears can heal. He explained about the supportive rotator cuff muscles and how they need to be rebuilt to withstand the action of throwing a pitch. It made sense, so began treatment.

No one could believe it. In 2 weeks I was completely out of pain. In 4 weeks I was back to pitching and in 6 weeks back into the pitching rotation. I ended up with my best year of college baseball!

When someone tells me that torn muscles or ligaments can not be healed without surgery…I know better now.


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