Back Pain

Ruptured Disc

It started as a sore back with spurts of pain, and then went to seasons of pain where I needed 2 or 3 days of bed rest. Until, finally, the pain was always there to some degree or another, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. So everyone told me to have surgery…that would solve my problem. My surgeon said I had a ruptured disc and it would take me 45 days to recover from the surgery. Well, he was kind of right. After 45 days I felt better, but in 6 months the pain returned with a vengeance. So, I did physical therapy, had injections and went to a pain management clinic, all without any permanent relief.

Then I met Dr. Winner. He explained to me what he found and why my back was still hurting. What he said made sense. So, he said to give him 4 visits to see if we could get some results. If I got better we would go on and if I did not get better we would discontinue care.

Well after the first visit I noticed a change in the pain…and I got better each and every visit. I actually liked going to see Dr. Winner because I always improved and felt better after each visit.

It is a year later and I have no pain. I do yoga once a week and work out. And thanks to Dr. Winner and kinesiology I have not had to miss a single day of work as a cement contractor due to pain. I guess miracles do happen.

Mitch D.

Low Back Pain

I had low back pain for 29 years; I had gone to 2 orthopedic surgeons, who just prescribed pain medication, and quite a number of other very good chiropractors in the past.  At 18 years old I knew I did not want to live on medication and with pain the rest of my life.

After the second treatment I went 10 days without pain and no medications, I could not believe this.   Dr Winner’s technique was different and I was impressed what a difference the cold laser could make.

….I know Dr. Winner has found the key to my problems.

Thanks and God Bless Dr. Winner

    Dr. Bonnie P.

Back Pain

Fifty-nine years of on and off back pain is finally gone. Since age 14, my back has hurt at some time or another. I’ve been to a chiropractor and medical doctor about the pain, but the problem persisted. When my nephew recommended Dr. Winner, I felt I had nothing to lose.

Good Decision!

Now, pain free, I can begin to hit golf balls again, but more importantly, I can pick up my grand kids. A reward I wouldn’t miss for the world!

                                 Jimmy C.

Low Back Pain

My lower back has been so bad that I had to crawl into a doctor’s office. Over 27 years I’ve been to 8-12 medical doctors and probably 20 chiropractors. Some helped, most did not. I have been so bad that my medical doctor gave me the most up-to-date treatment available – injections. I had a series of 8 injections with 5 to 8 shots to my spine in each series. These epidurals helped for a while, then when they wore off the pain was back. The next option was surgery. My orthopedic surgeon explained that there was no guarantee and told me that there could be a 15% or more loss in my mobility.

Surgery did not seem like the best option, but it was my last resort, or so I thought. Then I met Dr. Winner and his staff. He explained to me what the problem was and why I wasn’t healing. He asked me for 4 visits to see if it would help. I felt I didn’t have much lose.

The first visit was remarkable. I couldn’t believe the relief! And, although excessive physical work can make my back sore, it doesn’t lay me up with sharp stabbing pain any more. I feel like I am finally normal after 27 years of severe low back pain. If you have any doubts about my success feel free to call and ask for my phone number. You don’t have to live like I did!

Jeff V.

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