Kidney Stones

I’ve had kidney stones 8 or 9 times over a 3 and half year period. When I went to the hospital the doctors didn’t really do anything but monitor me and keep me on morphine. I was in lots of pain. The final straw was when I finally had back pain for 2 months and had to go to the emergency room because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. They told me I had 3 slipped discs, a viral infection and kidney stones. They just put me on narcotics.

Finally I said this is enough, I have got to solve this, I can’t live this way anymore! So my mom got the phone number of Winner Wellness Center and called. They got me right in. It was a whole day of care and treatment. I was in so much pain when I got there, that I kept throwing up. The staff was so patient and caring with me. By the time I walked out of the clinic, my back pain and headache were less than half of what I was experiencing when I walked in. I passed the kidney stones the next day!

After that, miracles began to happen. I started to go to the bathroom on a regular basis, I could move around better and I can lift and move things better without pain. Now I can get up and play with my kids. I can even be on my feet all day without pain. After 6 months with no pain and no more kidney stones, I am finally free to live my life again. I am also off all of my medications now: Naproxen, Flexeril, Tramadol and Lortabs; which is a big savings.

Before I went to Winner Wellness Center, I was just going through the motions of life, doing what my doctors told me to do with no results. Now I look forward to waking up everyday and enjoying life. I really hope my story inspires you to get the care you need and deserve.

Jennifer L.

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