Hip Pain

I was diagnosed with Bilateral Avascular Necrosis when I was 36 years old. I had lost blood flow to my hip joints. I was in a lot of pain. The doctors said I was to young for a hip replacement, so I had an experimental metal implant in the femur head of each hip to stop the bone from crumbling and collapsing my hips. The pain never went away, but I was starting to regain some bone growth. After about a year, the implants started shifting positions in my hips and I had severe chronic pain.

I came to Winner Wellness Center to find some relief and I did. After the first visit I already felt the relief in hip pain I had been looking for. My doctors were amazed at my progress and range of motion. They couldn’t believe that someone with hips as bad as mine could even walk. Now I am pain free and can spend time with my wife hiking and traveling.

                                Mark A.

In June 2007, I fractured my right hip. It was causing me constant and severe pain. It made walking or even moving unbearable. I was getting calcium build-up on the hip and now getting arthritis all over my body. My doctors gave me shots in my hip and groin area. Then they told me I needed hip replacement surgery, but my high blood pressure stopped that from happening. At 88 years old I was running out of options.

So my daughter mentioned Dr. Winner and Winner Wellness Center. Dr. Winner does not thrust on bones, but uses kinesiology and muscle strengthening techniques that works on increasing nerve and blood flow instead. I felt I had nothing to lose at my age.

After the first visit I noticed change. Now I can sit and move and even walk without pain! I can move all over the house. With the progress I’ve made I am hopeful I can be free of my walker.

But the biggest part of my treatment here at the Wellness Center has been “hope.” Hope that I can still do some of those things I want to do and be useful.

                                Stella T.

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