Abdominal Pain

Does This Sound Like You?……

You name the problem, I probably had it. Abdominal pain, along with chronic fatigue, brain fog, and poor concentration that just wouldn’t get any better.

Jeanne Winner, the nutritionist, immediately found I had parasites that were causing the pain. We took care of those immediately.

Then there were the frozen shoulder, neck, arm, and lower back pain. Not to mention night blindness and jaw pain, and the list goes on. I had been living with these problems for so long I just thought these were normal. After all everybody else has similar problems and they weren’t getting better either. Thanks to Dr. Winner that is all gone now.

Today it is hard to believe I had any of those problems. Now, I am stronger, think clearer, and move more energetic, all due to Winner Wellness Center.

Grace Mooney

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