Exhausted & In Pain North Georgia



Annie had almost given up. She had been to a lot of doctors without any success. She had
dizzy spells that made her disoriented. Her head hurt her all the time and she was exhausted
every day. She tried a new diet, exercise and every medication her doctors gave her. Nothing
helped and she was getting worse. She knew she had to think outside the traditional medical
model of health care. Fate stepped in and she did try something different, the Winner Wellness

Dr. Winner explained that her body could heal itself with the proper procedure. He explained
Kinesiology. Once the process began, she saw and felt an immediate difference. It turned her
body on. She stated to feel alive again. The head pressure left. Her dizziness and disorientation
stopped and she began to sleep again. Her energy is where she hoped it would be. She got her life back
again. This is what living feels like.

Motion Sickness North Georgia

If I wasn’t throwing up, I was nauseous. My stomach was always queasy when ever I was traveling. I had
to sit in the front seat of the car even as a little girl. The doctors said it was an inner ear problem,
but they couldn’t fix it. Being in my 50’s now I just gave up hope, thinking I had to live with this condition
for the rest of my life.Then on one of my visits to the Winner Wellness Center, I asked DR. Winner if he could deal with Motion Sicknes
or and inner ear problem. He said ‘Yes’ that he could. He explained that my body was a self-healer and given
the right treatment it has the potential to correct it’s problem, even if it is a ling standing problem. He
introduced me to the concept of Kinesiology. A natural method of healing. Though I didn’t fully understand the
specifics, I understood concept. I was pleased to try it.

In 2 visits it worked. I went on a cruise. In one day I was in the back seat of a taxi, on an airplane and in a
boat. To my amazement I never got sick or woosy. No nausea and no throwing up. Ans it has never come back.
If you have these problems. Don’t wait. Call these guys.