Tooth Pain & Facial Pain

I had a tooth removed and was concerned about the pain and swelling from the surgery.
When I mentioned this to Dr.Winner he suggested using Kinesiology to reduce the
swelling, the pain and discomfort. I thought why not, if it works.

So I came in immediately following the surgery, that day.He explained about Kinesiology and it’s                                                                                      natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.

When I walked out of the office the pain was not there. I was pretty amazed. Then he suggested I come
back in two days, which I did. He worked with me again. When I left, there was
no pain and no swelling. And to my surprise, where the tooth was distracted it was
healing so quickly, I couldn’t believe it. My body was doing it’s job of healing
itself, just like Dr. Winner and I talked about.

TMJ Pain North Georgia

I have had jaw and facial pain all my life. I tried all kinds of medications and went to
a large number of doctors and dentists trying to relieve the pain. Nothing helped. The
tightness and pain was always there. Then it seemed to get worse when I was under stress.

Finally I thought why don’t I try Dr. Winner at the Winner Wellness Center. He solved some
of my other problems, maybe he can solve this one, too.

Well, I am happy to say, IT WORKED! On the first visit the pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it.
After all these years. Why did I wait so long?

Dr. Winner explained how he used Kinesiology to correct my problem as it’s a natural approach to
balancing and strengthening the muscles. As they are strengthened they will hold the corrections
we made in place, so I won’t have to keep coming back. I got WOWED TODAY!!!!

Whip Lash & Neck Pain North Georgia

Last year there were over 35,000 fatal car accidents. As bad as those statistics are what is worse
than that are in injuries that are created from Whiplash. Whiplash is the quick back-word and front-word
motion of the neck and head that, in a micro sense, tears fibers in the muscles of the neck and back.
These small tears can be so small as not to be seen on and MIR, yet they are there just the same. And
they can remain there for weeks, months, years, decades and yes even life times.

These whip lash injuries have been traced back to hundreds, if not thousands, of symptoms. Any symptom from
a stiff neck and back to Auto Immune Disease, to Thyroid malfunction, to heart and lung problems, to sleep
disorder to depression. You name it whip lash can be the cause.

The next question has to be, ‘If I had or have whiplash, how can I get it checked out or corrected?

Chiropractors and more specifically a Kinesiologist are highly trained professional who specialize in
whiplash relate injuries. Kinesiology is a process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced,
reset the bones in a balanced-natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support
these changes. This is critical in helping your body return to it’s natural state and heal properly in proper
alignment. Wonderfully your body can re-heal itself if given the proper care. One with out drugs and or Surgery.
and one that aligns with your bodies natural desire to repair itself. Call and lets talk.