Tooth Pain & Facial Pain

I had a tooth removed and was concerned about the pain and swelling from the surgery.
When I mentioned this to Dr.Winner he suggested using Kinesiology to reduce the
swelling, the pain and discomfort. I thought why not, if it works.

So I came in immediately following the surgery, that day.He explained about Kinesiology and it’s                                                                                      natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.

When I walked out of the office the pain was not there. I was pretty amazed. Then he suggested I come
back in two days, which I did. He worked with me again. When I left, there was
no pain and no swelling. And to my surprise, where the tooth was distracted it was
healing so quickly, I couldn’t believe it. My body was doing it’s job of healing
itself, just like Dr. Winner and I talked about.