Stress Unchecked Causes Pain, North GA

Ansley was in pain in her back and shoulders, but wasn’t sure why. She didn’t to anything that she knew of to cause these problems. She wanted some answers. After doing an examination Dr. Winner found some structural problems that were causing her symptoms. Then from her history and understanding she was a school teacher he realized she was probably under a lot of emotional stress. He was right. So once some of the structural problems were addressed and much of her pain was reduced, he addressed her stress. Ansley was open and willing to talk about what she was dealing with, so though an Emotional Stress Release approach we began to eliminate her stressors. Then Dr. Winner taught her how to do the procedure so she could do it on her own at home. When asked what she would like to say about her experience at the Winner Wellness Center, she laughed and said, she kept rescheduling new appointments because she always felt so good when she left the office. I know she would want to encourage you to come in if your life and health is not what you know it could be. Dr. Winner and his staff are so easy to work with.