Auto Immune & Mono North GA

For 9 years I was in constant pain. All the tests at Emory and countless doctor visits and lots of drugs and medications
didn’t help the pain. 6 months of Physical Therapy. The pain never went away. My medial doctors best advice was to just stay home Half a day.
I finally got so fed up with every one all the drugs and shots and just quit it all. I felt no one could help me and
no one cared.
Then I called the Winner Wellness Center. Dr. Winner did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of
treatment. I was introduced to Kinesiology. I have a scientific mind and what he said made sense to me. Kinesiology is
A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, reset the bones in a balanced natural way. And as
this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This is critical for keeping me out of pain for the years to come. I liked the idea.
In 3 visits there was a remarkable difference. the pain was almost 100% gone. I slept almost immediately. I feel like a completely different person. And now I can walk without my knees popping. I loved the results. NO PAIN, and NO MEDS.
Rea did this video for you because she wanted to share her success with those of you who
have or have had constant pain and think they have Auto Immune Disease. These conditions are very painful, limit your life and
causes a lot of emotional distress for you and everyone else. She hoped she don’t have to live
this way the rest of her life. There is hope for you and you can have success. You can
call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at and make an appointment.
If you want better health, visit Winner Wellness Center to see how they can help you!I
am amazed how I feel. Why didn’t I COME HERE 1ST. Don’t wait like I did.

Sinus Relief Explained, Dr Winner

Dr Winner explains what your sinuses are and how they get involved in causing pain. The majority of people will have some sort of sinus activity in their lives and some people have them through out their lives.
These conditions do not have to be permanent if you find the cause and make the right corrective approaches and use techniques that work.
In our office we use Kinesiology. Thru the use of Kinesiology/Chiropractic we have the opportunity to muscle test your supportive muscles, find the weakened ones and restore them back to their optimum performance. We can also tap into areas of the body that are stressed or diseased and bring them back into their natural flow. This is where Kinesiology has proven to be so successful. We use Muscle Testing, Acupressure, Cold LASER, Nutritional Support and the Winner Emotional Release Protocol to produce immediate and long lasting results.
If this describes a condition you or someone you know call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line to and get yourself and appointment.. Get to the cause.