Sciatica.. Back & Leg Pain North GA

That pain in my buttox was the worse I have ever experienced. The pain ran into my hip and
down my leg and into my toes. 3 weeks of this was driving me crazy. So I went to two medical doctors
and got injections, but still no relief, I knew I had to try a different approach.

One of my friends told me about Dr. Winner and his natural approach with Kinesiology. Though
I did not know how the approach worked, I liked that Dr. Winner explained to me what the
problem was and how we are going to solve it. He told me my body was a natural healer and if
we can get to the core of the problem we can get rid of it and not expect it to come back.
That made sense to me. After that 1st visit and there was a 50% reduction in the pain, I
was convinced Dr. Winner knew what he was doing and I was in the right place. I am here to
tell you you need to try this approach. It was a life changer for me