Plantar Facsitiis..Morton’s Neuroma North GA

I had sharp and constant foot pain. Because of my nursing background, I knew it was Morton’s
Neuroma. I knew I knew I didn’t want a cortisone shot or a surgical procedure to correct the
problem. The traditional medical procedures were to invasive and they were not getting to the
root of the problem. Since I had been to see Dr. Winner before for other conditions he had
fixed, I know he was the Doctor who could help me.

I was right. After the first visit the pain was reduced. By the preceding visits things just
got better to the point I can walk normally now. I went from a 10 to a 2, without medication
or any surgery in just six visits. I like the idea of what DR. Winner says. Your body is a
self healer and if we get to the root of your problem, your body can and will solve it’s own
problem. He was right. Thank goodness I can walk again without pain.