Erictile Dysfunction ED North Georgia

Lenard, had been having eretile dysfunction for about 4 years now. He tried pills, drinks and nothing was working on a continual basis. He felt there had to be a reason, but none of the doctors or medications could seem to help. That is when he decided to step outside the box and try a natural approach.
Well it wasn’t a couple of visits and all that changed .Dr. Winner explained about his technique, Kinesiology. It was like Chiropractic on steroids. Since he had been to a Chiropractor before he knew about releasing nerve pressure and even though
he believed that was the best natural way to heal his body. He explained how Kinesiology worked. Thru the use of Kinesiology/Chiropractic we have the opportunity to muscle test your supportive muscles, find the weakened ones and restore them back to their optimum performance.
This is where Kinesiology has proven to be so successful. We use Muscle Testing, Acupressure, Cold LASER, Nutritional Support and the Winner Emotional Release Protocol to produce immediate and long lasting results
Lenard, did this video with the intention that his story could give Hope to others who have suffered like he has for all these years. And beyond that, he hopes he can pass on his experiences so that you do not have to go through what he has had to suffer.
If you would like more information about Dr. Winner or Kinesiology call at 770-536-6600 or email him at It could be a Life Changer.

Exhausted Dizzy & In Pain North GA

Annie had almost given up. She had been to a lot of doctors without any success. She had
dizzy spells that made her disoriented. Her head hurt her all the time and she was exhausted
every day. She tried a new diet, exercise and every medication her doctors gave her. Nothing
helped and she was getting worse. She knew she had to think outside the traditional medical
model of health care. Fate stepped in and she did try something different, the Winner Wellness
Dr. Winner explained that her body could heal itself with the proper procedure. He explained
Kinesiology. Right from the beginning Dr. Winner explained that my body needed support. He talked
about Kinesiology, a system of combined disciplines that strengthens and balances muscles, tendons
and ligaments. We talked about diet and nutrition and life style. He taught me about the interactions
of my muscles and organs and how a wholistic approach gets my body back on tract. His approach made
She liked that once the process began, she saw and felt an immediate difference. It turned her
body on. She stated to feel alive again. The head pressure left. Her dizziness and disorientation
stopped and she began to sleep again. Her energy is where she hoped it would be. She got her life back
Annie did this video for you because she wanted to share her success with those of you who
have or have had constant pain. These conditions are very painful, limit your life and
causes a lot of emotional distress for you and everyone else. She hoped she don’t have to live
this way the rest of her life. There is hope for you and you can have success. You can
call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at and make an appointment.
If you want better health, visit Winner Wellness Center to see how they can help you!
This is what living feels like.