Osteo Arthritis

I have had osteo-arthritis for 18 years. Eventually my muscles began to break down
where I was getting muscle cramps all the time. Those alone wee drinking me crazy. But,
then I got knee and hip pain to the point I couldn’t get out of a chair with out pain.
So I opted for 2 knee surgeries that led eventually to 2 knee replacements. And
then 2 hip replacements. I did everything my medical doctors told me to do, yet
I wasn’t getting better, I was getting worse. Traditional medicine had failed me.
I had to try something different. I wanted my life back I had to try a different

That is when I went to see Dr. Winner. WOW!!! What a difference. He explained about Kinesiology and it’s  natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.He said if he strengthened the muscles that would lead to a more lasting correction. He then explained
how he was going to target the weakened organs and nutritionally support them. It all sounded

In 2 weeks Immediately the Charlie Horses stopped. 50% of the pain was gone. I could walk with out pain and
now could get up out of a chair without pain. My Sciatica of 32 years was GONE!! I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Winner explained Kinesiology and why it worked. I now understand that my body is a self healer. I didn’t need more drugs and surgery. I
needed non evasive health care and the right doctor.

Knee Surgeries (7) North GA

10 years ago I severed both my ACL & MCL on my knee. The surgeon stapled my MCL & I was fine. Then I did it again
and I got a donor ligament. Then I did it again and this time I tore both meniscus in that same knee. Another surgery.
Then I did it again and this time the doctors said I needed a complete knee replacement because of so much scar tissue.

Well, I hobbled around for a month on crutches.until I talked to Dr. Winner. I was introduced to Kinesiology.
A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, reset the bones in a balanced-
natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This is critical
for keeping me out of pain for years to come. I liked the idea.

After the 1st visit I felt and saw a change. This was crazy to me. I don’t have an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) or
a MCLI (Medial Cruciate Ligament), but I was out of pain and able to do as much or more than I could even before I hurt
my knee the very 1st time. My mobility was great. And I am PAIN FREE!!! loved the results. NO PAIN, and NO MEDS. i WAS
amazed how I feel. I know it sounds too good to be true. But it works. Why didn’t I COME HERE 1ST. Don’t wait like I did.