Knee Correction Explained North GA

Welcome, everybody. My name is Mike Stewart and I am the host of the Winner Wellness podcast here at You know, this is the place when you have any kind of health problems and you want your wellness to improve. All you got to remember is Google winter wellness. And you go out and see Dr. JACK and Jean Winner at Winner Wellness and they had the answers to your questions. Well, I have a question today for Dr. JACK. You hear Dr. JACK? I’m here. Good to hear from you today?

Oh, you know, I’m gonna have to be. This is True Confessions day for you. I know I’m overweight. I know I don’t exercise enough. And I don’t drink near enough water. You’ve told me I need to do those things. But I’m going to be true confessions. I probably should do more. I should do better. But I can tell you something that you did I want to have answers to and suggestion to my knees ache all the time. I mean, they are sore. They’re not excruciating pain. I’ve actually had friends who had knee pain that they said they felt like a knife was sticking in it and they’ve had to actually go get knee replacements. But you know, I don’t think I’m that bad. But I bet there’s a lot of people out there that have knee pain. And you know, what’s wrong with me? And what should I be doing? And I guarantee you this this, what you’re gonna tell me could help a lot of people. So you have the floor to answer that. It’s crazy questions.

You’re not crazy, you know, we all are doing the best job we can out there. But again, knee pains is not unusual. Like it’s not a fact that kind of looked it up and they say, arthritic Lee 54 million Americans have knee pain. That’s what’s been reported in sadly with that 300,000 active children. So we know those are what’s been reported. Majority of those are not being reported. What kind of they think they’re, statistically tell us of 103 million people have knee problems. They just walk around with it, just living with it. I’m sure you must be aware of that and people just aren’t going to do something about it just because it hurts, they hope is gonna go away. So we’re just seeing an increased trend. And it’s not only just a nice Also, by the way, we’re seeing it in hips as well. We also have the realization how much the back is involved in this process as well. A lot of people have back problems as well. Like it’s not as not a one thing problem. But something was really interesting to me, Canada right now, because they have their health care system takes care of their health, they’re actually begin to call this a quiet epidemic for knee problems, because they’ve seen so much of this, including hip replacement, knee replacement, so they realize it’s a problem as well. So having good healthcare is a nice thing to have, again, people want to be on a pain so people have a good health care system doesn’t mean you’re not going to have pain here. So let’s just kind of look at this we can knee knee problems, what they’re coming from, this is a problem you think you asked me about? And there’s a lot of reasons for knee problems. Let’s see if you fall into one of these categories. First of all, poor health, obesity, heart disease, poor nutrition diet. Structural imbalance, trauma to the knee. Diabetes, psychological problems can affect your knees also, by the way, well back pain, parasites, which is pretty hard to understand, but I’m gonna give you a story. I want to give a story about that parasites right now. Phil came in had knee problems well, young man in the 30, you got three years old. He had a problem with his knee has been going on for months. And so as we checked out him structurally, all his muscles are strong, he was doing great, I was exercising but it pain just would not go away. Like come to find out he had a parasite. He had a dog And he loves his little dog. My dog is actually next to him and Lexan and you know, mix all his some of some of the things he puts in his mouth and same as a little boy as well. So we thought that they had parasites cleared the parasites often, which is a pretty, pretty simple thing. a nutritionist gave him some stuff called warm wood. Within actually two days the pain began to go away in the past the parasites and the paint went away. Now there’s a lot of other things that will can cause a problem. But again, we’re always looking for any of these possibilities. By the way, poor exercise habits is another thing like you mentioned. And obviously water is important portion as well. So we look at the problem, not just looking at the symptom of that knee, we’re looking at the structure, what’s going on with the person’s body. I have another story about what we think now if we have a problem like that, we’re going to get a surgical procedure. We’ll make one out of five scissors. surgeries actually don’t work. People actually unhappy after they have the surgery, and realize that probably wasn’t the right way to go. Well, of course, if you had surgery, you’re gonna have a nine to one. And I said, Jeff, why would you have a nine surgeries if it didn’t work for you? Because my doctors told me well, sadly, the doctors didn’t give me another option. That’s the only option just had another surgery. So he had a nice 30 By the way, I’m sorry, that’s not true yet. We had a chance to work with him. And within a couple weeks that we got him out of pain, but he decided not to do that nine surgery. And the doctors call them and try to kind of push them back into the ninth one. Once we had a chance to clear it with him he cut my grass the next two years and no pain there at all. We had some back problems actually what he had once we corrected that problem took pressure off that knee.

So, um, what what’s kind of sad about all this Mike is when you have a knee problem it alters your day to day life, interaction with your friends and family. And certainly as you get older and we’re starting to see this what people are thinking about the Golden Age, they get that golden age and now we don’t have that retirement freedom because I can’t play golf anymore. I can’t walk in the shop. Wipe down the nice garden skin gardening Walker the need to hurt so with this pain comes a limited, we call restricted range of motion. That means the movement your legs now is reduced and you start to get up and down. Now you try getting 40 grandkids you can’t get up off the floor anymore. Could you even do that? So if that’s you start losing your freedom all the time. Also I find that men who are really generally bound, actually duty bound to do things for the family and for their community. They found they have a problem doing that, because they can’t do the thing anymore. It’s kind of heartbreaking when you hear these people’s problems. So I always ask patients as your need against breakdown, to see the big picture. The knees only actually in a one indication that something your system is under stress is leading to a bigger breakdown, sometime sooner or later. So I want to give you some possibilities. Mike is like what’s possible. First of all, realize you got a problem. Again, we can just get an Aggie profaned hold on keeps either going away, but we don’t stop to look at it is a problem it persists. I need to stop and understand what’s going on here. So if you realize you have pain, you have a change in your posture. You can start seeing those people start stupid over and then forward. By the way, when they started doing that, they put more pressure on those Nice cars, they’re probably elevate and get quicker and faster. Also, when you have a last one call loss range of motion. In other words, if you start moving and you it’s harder and you’re stiffer, that loss of range of motion is telling you, you need to begin to break down. Then again, achy joints, achy joints can be any place in the body. Interesting. So my partner Jean is going to talk about arthritis and our next podcast. That’s why it’s just a killer out there. We’ll get to see it more more all the time. So when your joints begin to break down, your knees are one of those joints to take all that kind of stress, and they’re gonna begin to break down as well. So that begins to happen, you know, it’s time to make a decision about something to happen. So here’s what’s what you do after you said there is a problem I really just now determined you got to do something about it. And we talked about three different perspectives. The Conservative perspective, the one the stoplights of conservative and no one is radical. In the surgeon perspectives, okay, who can I go to a doctor of chiropractic naturopath, a physical therapist, and acupuncturist and I’m a kinesiology so I like to use algae will because things can you say algae will not only the nervous supply also muscle function those muscles not just the muscles but your back muscles and leg muscles, all the muscle support that joint so we change your structure. So we don’t we pressure that knee again so that when in your life, you might want to look at those possibilities. Certainly if you’ve tried the conservative approach and you tried to get a PC ology the chiropractic next thing you probably want to do is do drugs. Good drugs are good for short term and long term drugs usually don’t help. I think most people know that you had any problem you start taking drugs or medication. You know, there’s a list of side effects, no side effects of and not only affects your knee, they also affect your whole system, liver, kidney, so forth. And the last very last resort of how to take care of that knee surgery. We can say one out of five people don’t do well surgeries. Again, you always have to ask the question, if I have surgery, why did the problem exist in the first place? So if the problem is this in the first place, there must be something deeper issue going on. So here’s something that we already know and see if this resonates with you as well. We already know that your body is a self healer. It wants to heal itself. So we’re going to work with determine with that determination that body is breaking down someplace, but your body is trying to solve the problem. So it could be your knee, but likely there are other and maybe probably many layers of factors are going to do that have to be dealt with and could be dealt with. So it will not only get the pressure off your knee and get the pain to go away. When enhance your body’s ability to be healthy. It isn’t at the big picture that we all want anyway, but we all want to be healthy. Begin to determine what is the factors we need to deal with. Mike, we’re always gonna do that one at a time. We’re not gonna say look through all this and we’ll cortisone that knee and make the pain go away. We want to change the lifestyle that got you to this position. Now obviously what we talked about if you do the same continue same thing, get the same results, they call that

not too smart, actually. So if we understand we’re doing something, we’ve got to change some kind of process or procedure here to help the body get healthy, then we want to look at that way. So I have a staff of acting professionals that we’re going to go if you come to see us in our office, we’re gonna find out where that problem is, we want to find a cause. And when we can find the cause, we now know we can get to the bottom of your problem, what the real problem is, and that’s what we want to go to. So if we can get connected, correct the cause and correct the problem. So Mike, I’ve been doing this for 37 years, and I’ve personally dealt with hundreds of years, nice little bats and hip problems seem to work down with it all. We know you know, something, it’s a thrill to help people. And when you get somebody, not only just knee pain, you also get them out of pain and get the body function. Come back again, help this by doing does well heal itself. It’s fun. It’s fun for them. And it’s certainly fun for us to watch that. We change them incorrectly as well. So if you’d like to tell people, they’re ready for a change, it’s affordable. It’s so effective. So, I hope this kind of gives some people some understand what’s possible out there. So we can’t help them.

Well, I have to say one thing, Dr. JACK, you really hit home with this one. A lot of the things that you pointed out, I’m a living example of that fact. I got one question for you. I’m sitting here with my knee and when I move it out, it pops and crackles and I can actually feel pops and crackles in that knee. Right? What is that?

Like? What that is, is I’ll give you a little story with that. Your body wants two things always. It wants stability and flexibility. If it only has one option, it’s going to take stability, that knee is going to stabilize. So someone your system by began to break down and says gosh, I can’t keep those muscles doing their job well, so when they stabilize that joint, so the tendons get tight, the tendons get tight around that joint, they are less flexible, their job a little more stability and flexibility. So the tendons start getting tighter in that goes on for too long period of time, the guy will actually lay calcium down in that joint area in those tendons. So those that calcium began to be a Christian formation that crystallized formation. And then after that crystal formation becomes we calcium by also calcify the joint. So you’re going through a phase of where the by lost its flexibility is starting to come into stability, and those tendons are starting to tighten that joint to give you protection. The same thing as losing that range of motion. That cracking is those fibers that are being crystallized, they’re releasing letting go that’s the crack is all about.

Oh, well. That’s why you’re the doctor and I’m the host Folks, I tell you what Dr. JACK has got more answers than you can imagine. That’s why you want to subscribe to the Winner Wellness podcast in Apple in Google and Spotify and at And if I lived in Gainesville, I think I would come over this afternoon and let you look at these cracking knees of mine.

I will have tea.

But since I have to do this virtually, I will I will take your advice and see if I can start changing my evil ways that Santana said years ago.

I want you around Michael

Well, you know what, I’m very grateful for what I have. And I’m grateful for good people like you and Jane. And so anyway, folks, tune in to the Winner Wellness podcast, share it with your friends. It’s on Facebook, it’s in YouTube, and it’s at the website and it’s all those other places. You can’t say I don’t know how to get to it because we make sure that it’s available everywhere so you can know what amazing work is done at Winner Wellness and until next week with our guest Jean winner who’s going to talk about probably another subject that hits home arthritis and what to do about that. Tune in next time for that particular podcast. Have a great day.