Kidney Stones

Joanne, had back pain around her kidney area and felt sure she had kidney stones since
her other family members had had them, too. She knew if she went to the hospital they
might be able to help her, but she was concerned about the pain and expense of those
procedures. Her final concern was if she got these once, is she going to get them again?

Since I knew Joanne and she was familiar with Kinesiology she knew her body was a self
healer and that her body could deal with this problem naturally. I also had been able
to help a number of other patients pass kidney stones, so I knew she could pass it or
them without much pain.

That is what happened. She passed the stone and since that 1st
encounter she has not had any kidney stones since. The procedures we did with Kinesiology
helped the body heal the ailing kidney, so we shouldn’t expect any more stones to reform.
If they do we will approach the problem in the same manner and should expect the same
positive results.