I Wanted to Be Healthy, I Hoped to Be Pregnant. I Got Both.

Sarah, Just wanted to be out of pain and get healthy. Low and behold, she got so
healthy that the bladder, the UTI’s and the interstitial neuritis she had been having
haven’t come back AND She Got Pregnant. That is what healthy bodies do. It even more
gratifying to know she did it the natural, with Kinesiology. No Drugs or Surgery.

40 Years of Migraines Eliminated Not by Traditional Medical Drs., But by Gainesville Ga Kinesiologist


For 40 years I have been suffering with migraine headaches. I have taken any and every drug
my doctors could come up with. I hated the migraines, but I hated the drugs worse. You name
it I was on it. Not only didn’t they solve the problem they made me feel terrible. I hoped
some one or some thing could help me, but who?
Finally my husband brought me to Dr. Winner, a Kinesiologist. He changed everything from
that 1st visit. Now I DO NOT HAVE MIGRAINE Headaches any more and my dependence on drugs
has dropped considerably. I have a life now and it is not reliant on drugs.