Real Health Care What is It? North GA

Jack Winner
Today I’d like to introduce you to this new concept. When we talk about health and healthcare, polite explain to you, as many people don’t understand what actually natural health care really is all about. Basically, understanding natural healthcare is allowing the body to heal itself, doing it in a natural way without using drugs or surgery. But I want to walk you through a day in office with a new patient and get some understanding at first day what that would feel like. First of all, here’s how this happens. A patient comes in. So the first thing I asked him, What is the first thing they want to do with the most prominent condition, that could be a back pain, migraine headache, or shoulder pain and knee pain. So we’re going to start with that process first. Or as we begin to talk, and this almost invariably happens, there’s more things going on than that. And oftentimes, when you have a prominent condition, it covers up things underneath could be depression, and the ability to sleep. And most people really were not sleeping without some kind of medication. Also, it could be just a call over or tired all the time. So when those conditions are prevalent, most often people don’t realize that they’re going on, they just live with them. So what I usually hear from them as well, I’ve tried drugs, or some kind of surgery procedure, and then help for a little while. But the problem came back. Or, or here, I’m still taking the same drug medication and taking it for a couple weeks, a couple months, and sometimes taking it for a couple years. But the problems still persist. They also say I didn’t want to quit the drugs because I was concerned about the side effects. Or Oh, here, I don’t like taking the drugs, because I know they have side effects. But I didn’t know what else to do, because my problem is still going on. So I asked them, Why did they come to the office, or to Doctor of Chiropractic or a kinesiologist. What I usually almost always hear is that I want to try a natural approach in so many of your videos. And I know some of those people have come here and gotten market results. So I want to try without drugs and medication to see if we can solve my problem. So when asked them, have you ever been to chiropractic for about a third of them say yes, they had with varying results. Then ask them if they’ve ever been to a kinesiologist before or if they even knew what that was. majority of the time people say no, I have no idea what that’s about. So that’s what I began to explain what can you Kinesiology is all about what it is it’s chiropractic on steroids. What we’ll do is begin to take the basic chiropractors perspective, and add to that acupressure, cold laser muscle strengthening muscle testing. So we’re adding a lot of things to the basic carpet perspective. Because chiropractic works taking pressure off nerves phenomenal. But adding kinesiology to it takes it to the next higher level. Our basic understanding is your body is the self healer. Our job is not to heal you. Our job is to help the body do what’s already designed to do. And we can find that restriction or limitation your body body has the opportunity now to begin to help us. Remember, your body is working for you 24 seven, trying to solve its own problem through our time with us to help you buy new it’s already inherently designed to do open up pathways create opportunities for the body to solve its own problem. So if many people aren’t agreement, maybe you are as well that your body is a self healer, we have something now that can happen because your body’s ready for this to happen. So that is when I begin to see a lot of patients perk up when they realize and they have agreement with the body being a self healer. Many people know that I think most of you all do. And so the fact that divine is trying to heal itself is not a challenge for us to understand. It’s our challenge to find out where it’s being blocked and limited. This is where it’s Can you say ology is such a help? Because what kinesiology by the way I want to spell that word. kinesiology. k i NSIOLOGY kinesiology. What kinesiology means is a study of movement. When it can easily Kinesiologists does. It takes all different techniques like acupressure, cold laser, emotional release, technique, nutrition, structural imbalances, muscle testing, and puts all these disciplines together to incorporate into your system to help the body do its job well. We’re always trying to find out where is the body stuck, work in the body, not solve its own problem. Identify correct and clear.

Jack Winner
Our first order of business is to find out where you have pinched nerves. This is easily done when we look at your bodies symmetry  If you consider yourself right now, as you’re saying you’re standing here, look at your shoulders or your head. Are you showing even or is one dropped one higher than the other? How about your head your head straight or is it turned or tilted one side or another? How about your hips? Are you standing there straight is a foot turned out or turned in more weight on one leg than the other These are all symmetrical changes that your body has adapted to, to try to make things work for you. Pretty smart body. But if we find that you have these changes in symmetry, it tells us that’s a place we want to go. What you avoiding is usually what the problem is. And this we want to go to. So the first thing we do with you in kinesiology is take pressure off that nerve supply. Now beyond that point, we not want to get pressure often or spy want to keep it off. What do you mean, we don’t want to keep doing the same process over and over and over again and adjusting, we want to find out what muscles support, we have to have to get the muscle to hold that bone in place. We do that by using acupressure. And by using a cold laser, if we can balance these muscles out, now we got the bone back in place, pressure off that nerve supply. And the muscles can now hold that bone into position as you move back and forth through your day. Now putting pressure back on the nerve, the nerve now is free and clear. Most often that point that’s when you get pain relief. Now beyond that, we’re gonna begin to look at other aspects of your life who can help or hurt not getting being taken care of. That’s when we look at diet, or other structural things that you’re doing, or your emotional stress, all play. Because we have the tools and the knowledge to solve these problems. We now give you other possibilities of where we can go here to make a permanent  correction. So this problem doesn’t continue to return. for 37 years now I’ve had a chance to work with thousands of patients with all kinds of conditions. Our ability to help them is because we understood the devout is a self healer. And if there’s a reason for the problem, there’s a cause we can find that cause and correct that cause the body in its wisdom wants to go back to a normal state. So if I’m talking with you and you have a point in time, they say I have some conditions I’m tired of living with and I want to make a change. I asked you and urge you to call our office at 770536 6600 or go online to winter Wellness Center. Winter wellness, calm and leave a message or make an appointment. I look forward to helping you. The consultation is free. We’re gonna see if we can help you. I can help you I’ll tell you that. If I can’t, I’ll give you some direction on what you can do to make your system come back to its natural state of function. I look forward to helping you. I hope for you today health in a healthy future. Make the call

Chiropractoic & Kinesiology Explained by Dr. Jack F. Winner

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Dr. Winner explains about Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.
This strengthening of the muscles leads to a more lasting correction. Then all organs are targeted and nutritionally supported. This is a whole body approach because your whole body is designed to function harmoniously to bring about good and lasting health. It is then in a state of ease not dis-ease.
Dr. Winner takes this approach to a higher new level as he incorporates advanced nutritional specialist Jeanne Winner, spokes person and national speaker for Standard Process, into his practice. Then he has discovered and perfected the use of a Cold LASER to enhance muscle
strengthening and long term structural support. And additionally he utilizes the Winner Emotional
Release Protocol to address and eliminate unchecked emotions that limit healing and wellness.