Pains All Over Hip Elbows Feet

For 6 months I was in constant pain, all over my body. Drugs weren’t helping. Besides I didn’t
want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. I had to get outside the medical model and try
something, anything that might help. Dr. Winner and Kinesiology was my answer. Almost all my
pains are gone now. I’m sleeping, the hot and cold feelings are gone, I can exercise now without
pain. What can I say. It has been great. I got my life back without drugs or surgery.

Plantar Fascistis

Stacy, had plantar fasciitis for 5 or 6 years without relief.The sharp pains and throbbing aches
made it tremendously difficult to walk. Things got to the point it was affecting her sleep and her
attitude. She was exhausted and getting depressed. The weekly cortisone injections or the boot she
wore for 2 to 3 months just didn’t help. The doctors said if she would just loose some weight that
would do it. How could she loose weight if she couldn’t walk? She knew she had to find another way
to deal with this problem. That is when she decided to get outside the traditional medical model.
That is when she called the Winner Wellness Center.

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles not just in the
foot, calf and knee area, but also correcting her posture to take pressure off those areas for a
lasting correction. Then he set out to do just that. In 2 visits Stacy felt and saw the difference.
Now she is almost completely out of pain, without drugs or cortisone shots and she did not have to
lose any weight. Her pain is gone and her future is bright again.

Plantar Facsitiis..Morton’s Neuroma North GA

I had sharp and constant foot pain. Because of my nursing background, I knew it was Morton’s
Neuroma. I knew I knew I didn’t want a cortisone shot or a surgical procedure to correct the
problem. The traditional medical procedures were to invasive and they were not getting to the
root of the problem. Since I had been to see Dr. Winner before for other conditions he had
fixed, I know he was the Doctor who could help me.

I was right. After the first visit the pain was reduced. By the preceding visits things just
got better to the point I can walk normally now. I went from a 10 to a 2, without medication
or any surgery in just six visits. I like the idea of what DR. Winner says. Your body is a
self healer and if we get to the root of your problem, your body can and will solve it’s own
problem. He was right. Thank goodness I can walk again without pain.

Sciatica.. Back & Leg Pain North GA

That pain in my buttox was the worse I have ever experienced. The pain ran into my hip and
down my leg and into my toes. 3 weeks of this was driving me crazy. So I went to two medical doctors
and got injections, but still no relief, I knew I had to try a different approach.

One of my friends told me about Dr. Winner and his natural approach with Kinesiology. Though
I did not know how the approach worked, I liked that Dr. Winner explained to me what the
problem was and how we are going to solve it. He told me my body was a natural healer and if
we can get to the core of the problem we can get rid of it and not expect it to come back.
That made sense to me. After that 1st visit and there was a 50% reduction in the pain, I
was convinced Dr. Winner knew what he was doing and I was in the right place. I am here to
tell you you need to try this approach. It was a life changer for me

PTSD Soldier North Georgia

I enlisted in 1067 and was sent to Vietnam with the paratroopers where we saw a lot
of action. When I came back I had a lot of things that happened to me that were hard
to let go of and live with. Some were physical, like my back, leg pain and numbness in
my feet and legs. Until I came to see Dr Winner, I was getting injections in my back.
They hurt and it took awhile for them to kick in. Still my back was not right. All the
drugs and shots were not really helping, so I finally asked to try something different.
So the VA sent me to see Dr. Winner

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles. He said if he
strengthened the muscles that would lead to a more lasting correction. Then he set out to do just
that. In 2 visits I felt and saw the difference. Now I am 90% out of pain, without drugs or cortisone

Then Dr. Winner turned his attention to my emotional stress. I hadn’t slept in years because of
recurrent dreams. They were running around in my head all the time. He had me do a procedure
where I took all the energy off my bad thoughts. The process was easy as he walked me through
it. I am happy to report I can sleep nights now and be at peace during the day.

I would hope that more of my ‘Comrades in Arms’ look to this approach and ask to see Dr Winner.