Weeping Sores Toxic Liver North GA

Cynthia, had painful weeping sore in the back of her legs that had made it painful to
walk and or sit. Topical creams were not working. She had to get to the bottom of
why was this happening. She felt she had to think outside the traditional medical
model and look for another answer.
After working with Dr Winner for a painful back problem, he
recommended that she see Jeanne Winner the Nutritionist at the Winner Wellness Center.
The problem was a toxic liver that was releasing the toxins thru her skin. Then the
nutritionist found a deeper issues, Parasites.
Once they knew what they were dealing with the correction didn’t take long. And, Oh is she pleased.
Cynthia did this video for you because she wanted to save you from going thru what she
had gone thru. And beyond that point she wanted to get you Hope. If you have any one of
these conditions, you don’t have to live with them. Call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 go on line
to winnerwellness.com and make an appointment. You are totally worth it.

Psoriasis & Eczema North Ga

Dr. Winner talks about the largest organ of elimination in your body. Your skin. When your system gets over loaded and can not eliminate toxins properly thru your urinary system or your bowel, it will eliminate it thru your skin. Yes your skin, the biggest organ of elimination.
Psoriasis is one of the major conditions we see most often. This is an auto immune disease with usually red, purple or white patches of dry flaking skin. This condition can go on for years unless dealt with properly.
Since we see it often, we are able to identify and correct the source of the problem. The results are amazing and so welcomed.
If you have or know someone who has Psoriasis, call or make an appointment and let’s get you back to the good health you should be enjoying.