Lower Back Pain North Georgia

I had one back surgery that fussed three disc in my lower back. They told me that would take care of my back pain.
Not really. I still had pain and I looked like a 100 year old lady every time I got out of a chair. Now I had
sciatica and S I joint pain. My husband says I roll around all night in bed because I am in so much pain.
Now they tell me I need another surgery on my lower back. I had to think if one surgery didn’t solve my problem,
why would I think a second one would do any better. I had to try something different. That is when I called the
Winner Wellness Center.

Dr. Winner did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment. I was introduced to Kinesiology.
A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, reset the bones in a balanced-
natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This is critical
for keeping me out of pain for years to come. I liked the idea. I loved the results. NO PAIN, and NO MEDS. i WAS
amazed how I feel. Why didn’t I COME HERE 1ST. Don’t wait like I did.