Spinal Fusion… A Better Option

Debra, has had 4 spinal surgeries. They included cervical fusion at C 4,5 and 6. Then she had lower
back surgery from T 11 to Sacral 1.. Though the surgeries were considered successful she was still in
a lot of pain and took lots of medication to try to live a normal life. When I first met her 2 years
ago, her doctors wanted to do another surgery on her neck where she now had another bulging disc.
She had finally had it with surgeries and said, ‘No’. She decided to try another more conservative
approach. She came to the Winner Wellness Center and tried a Kinesiology. It worked. No Drugs, No Pains.
Then after she got the results she hoped for she left the country for 2 years. When she came back to the clinic
she reported her back and neck, and yes the one that was bulging, were still healthy and out of pain. She is a great
testimony as to the healing power of the body and finding the right health care.

I want to thank Debra for sharing her story. It is her hope that by letting you see what she went thru
you won’t have to.

Chest & Esophageal Pain North Georgia

I had this clamp felling in my chest and throat that the doctors had no idea what it was and didn’t seem to care. It was getting worse and I was afraid to eat anything, it hurt too much.

All that changed when I met Dr. Winner. He explained about Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.
He said if he strengthened the muscles that would lead to a more lasting correction. He then explained
how he was going to target the weakened organs and nutritionally support them.

On the first visit I felt the first relief I have had in months. By the third visit the pain was 90% gone. I didn’t understand how this Kinesiology worked when I first entered his office, but I sure am thankful
I gave it a try. It has changed my life forever. No pain and NO DRUGS.

Drugs Were Killing Me..North Ga.

I was taking so many drugs and steroids, but I was still in pain 24 hours 7 days
a week. I got to the point I was desperate for any relief, I was running out of
hope. Some of my friends suggested that I try some different approach. They
mentioned Dr. Winner and his natural approach with Kinesiology.

At first I was skeptical. If all my VA doctors couldn’t help, how could this
guy? By the 2nd visit I began to feel changes. So I stuck with it. I started
to feel hope. Then the pain began going away. Now those toxins are being
washed out of my body and the PAIN IS GONE! I am now a believer that the
natural approach and Kinesiology was the right answer. I got my life back
and NO MORE DRUGS! If you are like me try this. It will get your hope back.

Fibromyalgia & Auto Immune North GA

For 13 years 4 or 5 doctors, physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractors, you name it I have
tried it. Nothing or no one could help me. I was in constant pain which kept me stressed out and in
a state of near depression. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t even want my husband to touch me because
I hurt all over. At age 32 I wondered if I would ever be right. At this point I knew I had to step,
no, Jump, out of the traditional medical model of health care and try something different. That is
when my friends suggested the Winner Wellness Center.

My 1st visit told me I was in the right place. Dr. Winner was a Kinesiologint. He explained to me
what was going on in my body and how he was going to correct it. Though I did not understand the
specific procedure, I did understand it when he said the body is a natural healer and it can heal
itself if we help your body to naturally heal. By the 2nd visit the pain was almost gone. I could
not believe it. Now I am off almost all of my medications and pain free. I sleep well without
medications, my migraine headaches are gone and the depression has lifted. I still can’t explain
Kinesiology, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I got my life back. It works. I encourage
you to come in and try it.

PTSD Soldier North Georgia

I enlisted in 1067 and was sent to Vietnam with the paratroopers where we saw a lot
of action. When I came back I had a lot of things that happened to me that were hard
to let go of and live with. Some were physical, like my back, leg pain and numbness in
my feet and legs. Until I came to see Dr Winner, I was getting injections in my back.
They hurt and it took awhile for them to kick in. Still my back was not right. All the
drugs and shots were not really helping, so I finally asked to try something different.
So the VA sent me to see Dr. Winner

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles. He said if he
strengthened the muscles that would lead to a more lasting correction. Then he set out to do just
that. In 2 visits I felt and saw the difference. Now I am 90% out of pain, without drugs or cortisone

Then Dr. Winner turned his attention to my emotional stress. I hadn’t slept in years because of
recurrent dreams. They were running around in my head all the time. He had me do a procedure
where I took all the energy off my bad thoughts. The process was easy as he walked me through
it. I am happy to report I can sleep nights now and be at peace during the day.

I would hope that more of my ‘Comrades in Arms’ look to this approach and ask to see Dr Winner.

Lower Back Pain North Georgia

I had one back surgery that fussed three disc in my lower back. They told me that would take care of my back pain.
Not really. I still had pain and I looked like a 100 year old lady every time I got out of a chair. Now I had
sciatica and S I joint pain. My husband says I roll around all night in bed because I am in so much pain.
Now they tell me I need another surgery on my lower back. I had to think if one surgery didn’t solve my problem,
why would I think a second one would do any better. I had to try something different. That is when I called the
Winner Wellness Center.

Dr. Winner did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment. I was introduced to Kinesiology.
A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, reset the bones in a balanced-
natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This is critical
for keeping me out of pain for years to come. I liked the idea. I loved the results. NO PAIN, and NO MEDS. i WAS
amazed how I feel. Why didn’t I COME HERE 1ST. Don’t wait like I did.