My Baby Couldn’t Latch . Gainesville GA

My 5 month son was having a problem latching (duckling). The medical doctors said he needed an
operation to cut a portion of his lip. I didn’t want to do that type of procedure, but the
doctors said there was no other choice. Dr. Winner and I had worked together before, so I wanted to
try something conservative 1st.

What we found is that his lip needed some stimulation, which Dr. Winner did with a gloved finger.
It worked like a miracle. Ben immediately latched on and began suckling.

By the way this is not the only correction Dr. Winner did for my family.
1. He helped Ben sleep thru the night shortly after another treatment, from up every hour to 6-8 hours a night
2. I thought I had bronchitis for years, but DR. Winner cleared that for me.
3. My sister had sever sinus infections and Dr. Winner cleared those. Since then NO INFECTIONS!!
4. My sister had an infected arm and Dr. Winner cleared that.

So yes we are believers in Dr. Winner and Kinesiology because IT WORKS!!

Pregnant & Infertility North Georgia

I did everything my doctors asked me to do. I did all the procedures and took all the medications.
But I still kept losing my babies. My husband and I knew we had to try something different. We
had to think outside the medical model box. So my mom suggested the Winner Wellness Center,

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles that carry the
baby. Then he said we are going to support the organs and get your body healthy enough to
grow a healthy baby. Everything he told me made so much sense. I now, at least, had hope.

That hope became reality very quickly. I didn’t miscarry. I had a great pregnancy. No drugs,
no medication, no nausea, no back pain and I felt great. Even the delivery was easier that I
thought it would be.

Rhett was 7 lbs 7 oz and very healthy. Since I didn’t take any medications, Rhett didn’t have
any of those drugs in his body either. That was important to me. This was a life changing
experience in our lives. I hope you try this Wellness Center. It will change you life, too.