Motion Sickness North Georgia

If I wasn’t throwing up, I was nauseous. My stomach was always queasy when ever I was traveling. I had
to sit in the front seat of the car even as a little girl. The doctors said it was an inner ear problem,
but they couldn’t fix it. Being in my 50’s now I just gave up hope, thinking I had to live with this condition
for the rest of my life.Then on one of my visits to the Winner Wellness Center, I asked DR. Winner if he could deal with Motion Sicknes
or and inner ear problem. He said ‘Yes’ that he could. He explained that my body was a self-healer and given
the right treatment it has the potential to correct it’s problem, even if it is a ling standing problem. He
introduced me to the concept of Kinesiology. A natural method of healing. Though I didn’t fully understand the
specifics, I understood concept. I was pleased to try it.

In 2 visits it worked. I went on a cruise. In one day I was in the back seat of a taxi, on an airplane and in a
boat. To my amazement I never got sick or woosy. No nausea and no throwing up. Ans it has never come back.
If you have these problems. Don’t wait. Call these guys.