That is Amazing!!   Incredible!!   ‘I knew my body could  heal itself, but I didn’t know how to go  about it.’  These are some of the comments we hear when a patient first experiences Applied Kinesiology (kin-ees-see-awl-oh-gee).

The term kinesiology, which  means the study of movement,  was brought to the public’s  attention in the 1960’s  by Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor in Detroit Michigan, who was quite aware of the many natural healing disciplines not just in  our country, but throughout the world.  It was his vision  to incorporate them together with a unified purpose and  with a common goal. The problem was that every natural healing art had it’s own system of diagnosis and correction.  He knew that to be accepted by the general public there had to be a standardized delivery system.  So  he developed a testing system where you could evaluate and correct weaknesses and abnormalities.  That system is called ‘muscle testing’.

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Muscle testing allows the practitioner to evaluate weakness, abnormalities and variations within the norms.  With this testing method Dr.Goodheart and all other Applied Kinesiology practitioners had a standardized testing method and could now incorporate other allied healing arts with a higher degree of confidence and success.

It was with  this testing procedure that Dr. Goodheart  et al. now broadened their understanding of seeing the body as a whole being and treating it as such. So under this umbrella of Applied Kinesiology they incorporated Acupressure, the ancient art of Acupuncture and meridians, Chiropractic, the art of relieving nerve pressure, Homeopathy, the art of using natural substances that occur in nature and Vitamins, natural food and animal sources that feed and heal the body.

As we have learned more about how to optimize health and body function we continue to add to and refine this expanding body of knowledge.  Physical therapy, vascular and lymphatic systems detox and clearing, emotional mind set release, scar therapy,  parasite and allergy release to name a few.

As the general public has lost it’s enthusiasm for more drugs and unnecessary surgeries, Applied Kinesiology remains an open door for those who want more out of their health care system and still believe……’ Your body can heal itself ‘.