4 Steps to Wellness

Our 4 Steps to Wellness will help make the process of letting your body heal easier for you to understand. 

Here are our 4 steps to wellness and a brief description.

  • Relief
    This is the first step to wellness and we will work with you to relieve any discomfort that your might be experiencing. Using our Wellness Scale of 0 – 100 you can measure your current state and monitor the improvements as you continue through your therapy.
    • Low Energy/Fatigue (40)
      Tired all the time. Uses caffeine daily.
    • Pain/Run-Down (30)
      Always getting sick and/or has a complaint. Most often on medications.
    • Diagnosed Condition (20)
      Dis-ease and / or medically recognized condition.
    • Serious Condition Advanced condition.
      Limited options. (10)
    • Deceased (0)
      Body ceases to function.
    • Correction
      We work with you to correct the issue that is causing you discomfort.

      • High Energy (60)
        Energy high wants to participate in Life again, Smiles more.
      • No Symptoms (50)
        Most people have learned to live with various conditions, and feel they are healthy.
  • Strengthening
    During this step we will show you how to strengthen the affected area, and how to prevent re-occurance of your discomfort.

    • Cell Rejuvenation (80)
      Regeneration process active. New healthy cells replacing old cells.
    • Immune Function (70)
      Health picture more persistent. Not sick as often. If gets sick, recovers quickly.
  • Wellness
    This is the final step and provides you with continuing support on your journey to wellness.

    • Optimum Wellness (100)
      All systems and organs in body in harmonious flow.
    • Cell Protection (90)
      Immune system active, and fully functional.