Sciatica North Georgia

Kathy has battled sciatica for most of her adult life. She was frustrated that no one could help her.
She had experienced pain every day and couldn’t see an end in sight. It was hard for her to interact with her family or
get involved with any thing with out pain. Until……

She had heard about Dr. Winner and the Winner Wellness Center and the success that they were having. They treated
people in a natural way with out drugs and or surgery. I wanted to understand what the problem was and do whatever I had to do to solve it. I needed help, but the right help.

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to approach it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles that strengthen and support
and eliminate my weaknesses. Everything he told me made so much sense. I now, at least, had hope.

That hope began to turn into reality as the pain began to go away and my strength returned. I listened to Dr. Winner and followed his direction. I felt he was credible and consistent with his approach. Now I am off all my medications and am moving like a normal person, WITHOUT PAIN. I would not have believed it if it didn’t happen to me. But it did.

If you or someone you know has or is going thru what I have gone thru for years with Sciatica, give Dr. Winner a call. It will flat out change your life.

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