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Here are some Reviews from our Patients:

My name is Mitch Dover; I am a 54 year old active male self employed owner of a concrete finishing company. 6 years ago, I had back surgery, after rupturing a disk in my back it was devastating, took almost 2 years after to get back in a place bearable, to be somewhat active, it seems like the chronic pain, that come with it would move around my body to my shoulders, arms neck, down right leg, my it was always something flaring up. So to make a short story, I came by Jack’s office looking for some kind of relief, I was tired of going to doctor’s who just wanted to give me medicines for my different pains, wanted to do surgery on my shoulders and the list goes on.  So going in with an open mind and desperate need, I set down with Jack Winner he said he knew exactly what approach to take; he said it would take some time and effort. But we could reach a new goal if, would stick with it.  So 2nd week into my visit’s I begin to see a big difference, also started seeing Mrs Winner about Nutrition what a big leap to getting well that week my body was on recovery road. That all started 2½, years ago. The money I spent in this time period is very small, in comparison to what I was giving to doctors. Who would just mask the problem. Now I feel so good my strength has returned more vitality my flexibility no shoulder pain or joint pain, I fill sensational! Thank God for his direction into Winner Wellness and Whole Body Health!  ~Sincerely Mitch Dover

My wife has been suffering with back pain for almost 2 years. During these 2 years she has been to several doctors…pain management, neurological, and she has even been to Laser Spine. She had surgery to remove some of a herniated disc which was supposed to relieve her pain but the disc wound up reherniating. We flew from Oklahoma City to Atlanta at the request of my sister in law, who is also a patient, and saw Dr. Winner. I am telling anyone who reads this it can be an amazing experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and can tell you things about yourself that will be right on the money. After 2 years of back pain my wife and I flew home and she was actually pain free! We plan to continue with someone locally but to get started and my wife to feel and for me to SEE the difference Dr. Winner is a fantastic place to start. Thank you so much Dr. Winner! ~Brian Williams

I have only great things to say about seeing Dr Jack and Dr Jean! I had a severe pain in my lower abdomen and back, so painful I walked hunched over, unable to stand. My son wanted to take me to the ER, but I said I wanted to stop there 1st because they had helped me so much. Dr Jean immediately gave me something natural for the pain, worked with my body and found out it was kidney stones. She gave me some supplements to start and wouldn’t let me leave without seeing improvement. Then I saw Dr Jack targeted the area in my spine that aligned with my kidneys. When they were done, my son couldn’t believe that I was walking upright and in hardly any pain. The next day, the kidney stones had passed painlessly and I was good to go!! The Drs and the office staff, Beverly & Rose, care about you and nurture a friendly, calm environment, encouraging health and wellness. ~ Terri Lynn Mason

Wow, where do I begin? I started coming last February, and then started wishing I had come since I was a toddler. I had a level 8 pain ear ace that I couldn’t hear out of at the end of a month long stuffy and runny nose, and the worst sinus pressure I’ve had in a long time. But getting of the table after Dr. Winner adjusting me, I was smiling and straight. Pressure and pain were relieved and that afternoon I had more energy; and my ear finally popped. Dr. Winner has helped me with sinus issues that didn’t require medicine, vaccines, or “waiting for it to take its course” kind of treatments. It was a fix the leak and then mop up the water kind of treatment which was truly an amazing experience. I’m all about natural alternatives, and this has been the best one yet. Not only am I feeling better, the environment is priceless. You walk in and feel at home, very welcoming and peaceful. I’m so glad that we go here, and recommend this if you don’t want the usual “let’s cover up your symptoms” and do want “let’s get to the root of your problem.” Thank you for your wonderful service, I always enjoy my visits. ~ Cherith Yates

My words cannot express the gratitude In my heart for The Winners Wellness Center. The hope and encouragement they gave was phenomenal when traditional medicine gave very little. Seven months ago I was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease–steroids, chemo, two year sabbatical and possible dialysis were to be remedies with only 50% possibility of stopping this disease. After prayer we chose The Winner Wellness Center, I have lost over 75 pounds, kidney function has improved dramatically and I am feeling so much better! The kidney doctor has been quite amazed. Thank the Lord & Winner Wellness Center! ~ Rod Bell, Jr.

I’ve had an exceptionally unique and positive experience at Winner Wellness. I came here with an open mind, and following the nutrition plans and chiropractic care here has helped to improve my health when traditional medicine left me hanging.
I would recommend working with both Jack and Jean for the maximum benefit. Remember, many problems were created over time, and take time to heal. I recommend your journey to better health and healing begin here. ~ Tracey Caliendo

When I first came to WWC I had an inch Gallstone that the MD’s only wanted to cut out of my body. I wanted it dissolved. The Nutritionist was able to do that in 12 weeks time by using Whole Food Supplements in the right combination.

As I was leaving her office one day the Chiropractor noticed that I had to stop and shift my back to ease some pain. Long story short…I ended up getting the back issue fixed as well. Even after my regular MD said that I was going to live with the pain the rest of my life. Not so!

There is always hope to fix all things. I highly recommend coming in to see if they can help you too. Pain says something is wrong, the body says, “fix me”, this place cares to “fix” the problem. If they can’t fix it they will get you to as close as they can. ~Bev Baxter

Winner Wellness has changed my life. I learned why I had so many stomach problems, and Mrs. Jeanne is incredible at what she does! Dr. Jack has relieved my severe hip pain, and he has helped me with my restless legs. I HIGHLY recommend them! ~ Hannah Myers

When I first started going to Winner Wellness I was in pain, the quality of my life was pitiful. The swelling and pain in my legs made I extremely difficult to be able to walk around. I am no longer in pain, and I’m able to walk around without pain!!! It is amazing!!! I have quality of life again!! ~ Stephany Cantrell

When you are tired of masking the issue and ready to find the root cause and solution without just medicating to “get by” setup appointment with Dr. Winner and also with Jeanne Winner. Amazing results! ~ Jared Damera

Winner Wellness and Dr Jack and Jeanne Winner are tops in their class- no one does it better than these two lovely people! Caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Give them a call today- you’ll be glad you did! ~ Tina Edmonds

Love this place! After one visit I feel like a new woman! I can’t wait to see how good I feel after the second visit. ~ Elaina Bryan

I have been seeing Dr. & Jean Winner for about 5 years & my health has improved! I have been blessed by their skill, knowledge, & healing power! I recommend them to everyone! ~ Caron Burnette

Excellent treatment from Dr Jack Winner. Arrived in pain with some skepticism, had several session and feel much more mobile and the pain is significantly reduced. Highly recommended. ~ Patricia Newton

Not only did Dr. Winner help me, but he also helped my son. We are so delighted to be a part of a natural solution. Dr. Winner explains every thing in detail, and the changes we’ve experienced in our overall health is truly a blessing. We are sleeping better! We have more energy and no pain!!! ~ Sandi Cash-Latty

I started seeing Dr. Jack and Mrs. Jean in February, after my fibromyalgia and depression nearly led to suicide. I was hopeless and in excruciating pain. When I started seeing the Winners, my quality of life was a nonexistent as is possible. Within six weeks, after about eight visits, I started feeling alive again.

Knowing that my body wanted to heal itself was powerful in and of itself, but to have the healing touch of these wonderful people helping the process along was nothing short of a miracle. These are truly the most genuinely caring medical practitioners I have ever met — and after seeing specialist after specialist with no answers and very little interest expressed in my case, the Winners’ compassion was precisely what my aching heart needed.

My pain level has decreased by 85% in just twelve weeks, and I have the energy I need not only for basic functions of daily life, which were previously impossible, but also to do the things I want to do. I can make decisions like getting up 20 minutes earlier to do my hair, whereas before February it was a major accomplishment I’d I even washed my hair more than once a week.

Emotionally, physically, and mentally, I have experienced health in the last three months that I never even thought was possible. WinnerWellness has been an answer to years of prayers. I would recommend seeing Dr. Jack and Mrs. Jean even to those who have generally healthy lives; the body is a miraculous self-healing mechanism, and the Winners have a gift for listening to it and helping it function optimally. ~ Rose Goodwin

I fell off a Ladder last year and Broke 5 ribs and My Pelvis. After just 5 Visit’s, my posture is back to normal. I am walking, standing, and living better than I have in the Past 25 Years. I love this place. They Accepted my Insurance. Friendly Staff. POSITIVE ENERGY HERE!!! Give them a Try. It’s worth Your While. ~ George Argo

I was having problems sleeping even when I was tired. Shared it with a friend and was referred to Winner Wellness. They diagnosed me with a previous closed head injury (which would have been unknown by them) and so within 1 day- I was sleeping and feeling so much better. Prior to Winner Wellness- I had spent so much $ having an EKG, colonoscopy, chest x-ray, blood tests and MD found nothing. The staff at Winner Wellness gave me hope that I would feel better, and be able to sleep; and were helpful in the supplements and treatments. THANKS Winner wellness. So thankful for a place like this. ~ Julie Essenburg

I began seeing Dr. Jack in May 2013. At that time, I was suffering from chronic migraine. I had been to every doctor, and they couldn’t even prescribe anything to give me any relief. I had severe allergic reactions to some of the medications they tried. When I saw Dr. Jack, I had only had 3 pain free days in the 6 weeks prior to visiting him. Within the next 3 months, I was only having migraines 1x a week. I also began seeing Ms. Jeanne, and in combination of the two of them I can count on 1 hand how many migraines I have had this year! And they are still getting less frequent, and most importantly, less severe. Even now when I do have migraines, I don’t even take anything over the counter as a remedy. I haven’t had ibuprofen since February since learning how it wreaks havoc on my kidneys. An ice-pack and a short rest is all I need.

I love them both so much, and truly believe they have a passion for helping others – Naturally! Their approach is a little different with the muscle testing, but I believe in it 100%. I am living proof that it works! ~ Amanda Parker

I began seeing Dr. Winner in April of 2014 after having lower back and hip pain, along with numbness in my foot for over 10 years. All other doctors gave me pills and wanted me to get an MRI to see if I was a candidate for surgery. I had 2 epidurals, physical therapy 2 times, along with numerous prescriptions, none of which worked as a permanent solution. I definitely don’t want surgery on my back, and friend recommended Dr. Winner and I thought I would give him a try. His first order of business was to make the pain go away, which happened after the first few visits. After each visit I had less pain, and now it is gone. I really appreciate the fact that he is treating the causes of the pain, and not just the symptom, which is what other doctors were doing. I am finishing my second phase and treatment and looking forward to the next phase, which is to strengthen my muscles so the pain doesn’t come back. I really like that Dr. Winner wants me to be healthy so I don’t have to depend on him, or any prescriptions to be able to function pain free. ~ Irene Sweeney

Whilst on holiday from the UK visiting a friend I happened to mention a problem I had with my neck. She immediately suggested that Dr Jack may be able to help me. So the following day I visited for my first consultation.
Initially I was a little sceptical but as I soon discovered this was completely unfounded!
After a couple of sessions I now have range and movement in parts of my body I had long since given up on!
Thank you Dr Jack, I look forward to the remainder of my sessions before leaving for the UK in July, a new woman! ~ Patsy Izatt

I visited this practice with little expectations; what I received in return was PRICELESS!!
A true gem….. and life changing experience for me…. ~ Beth Kelly

I came to see Dr Winner with severe pain down the whole of my spine. Slowly but surely I got better every visit and now I am able to move around freely. Dr Winner was extremely helpful in explaining everything that he was doing and why. Seeing him and Ms Jeanne, the Nutritionist, has turned my life around. ~ Ro Johnson

Winner Wellness is like family to me. I met Ms Jeanne when I was a hostess at Chillis and became instant friends. I subsequently visited the clinic and was treated with kid gloves by Jeanne and Dr Jack. Now I look for ways to bring other people to Winner Wellness so they can receive the help they deeply need. ~Marie Myers

A year ago I had gallstones and no one would dissolve them for me. The regular doctors wanted to only operate and remove body parts. I knew that you could dissolve them but didn’t know how. These wonder people helped me get rid of them in 12 weeks. I’ve been stone free since. ~ Beverly Baxter

Dr. Jack Winner was so compassionate and understanding of the muscle tension I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders, as well as in my low back. After just two sessions with him, I felt immediate relief. I would highly recommend his clinic to anyone with chronic muscle pain. ~ Sally Cannilla

I came to see Dr. Winner for this neck pain, that would not go away without taking medication. so I decide to go by his office, and without an appointment he saw me, I have been going for 10-12 visit, and I love it, neck pain as ease and I am standing up
straight, I was leaning more to the right, my overall body pain has ease, and I will be
seeing them a long time…ps. love the staff. ~ Betty Maxey

Dr. Jack Winner at Winner Wellness in Gainesville, GA helped our family with multiple health issues, including joint pain, back pain, weight loss and wound healing, just to name a few. We currently live 3 hours away now but still make the trip because we are that pleased with our care. We wouldn’t trust our health care to anyone else.  ~ J. Mark Edmonds

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