Rib Pain & Painful Breath Norrh GA

Sandy had rib pain for about 3 weeks and it just wouldn’t go away. Now it was beginning to
interfere with sleep and eventually robbing her of energy. She was willing to think and act
outside the box and try Kinesiology. This is a natural approach to healing using Chiropractic/
Kinesiology to strengthen muscles and a Cold LASER to enhance your bodies function.
Within a few visits the pain was gone and she was able to sleep again and wonderfully take a
deep breath again without pain.
Sandy did this video for you because she wanted to share her success with those of you who
have or have had constant short of breath and she had rib pain. These conditions are very painful, limit your life and
causes a lot of emotional distress for you and everyone else. She hoped she don’t have to live
this way the rest of her life. There is hope for you and you can have success. You can
call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at winnerwellness.com and make an appointment.
You deserve better health, visit Winner Wellness Center to see how they can help you!
It worked great for Sandy. And it can work for you. You are worth it.