Gout & Painful Big Toe

JoAnne was having extreme toe pain that just wound not go away. Since I had seen her over the past years I knew she had a troubled kidney. Now that uric acid that the Kidney was not clearing was settling in her big toe If you have ever had Gout you know how much pain it can cause, let alone the fear of how long it may last and if, like they say, it was going to be permanent.
What had to be done is to make sure the blood and nerve supply to the kidney and leg and foot were unrestricted. This is where Kinesiology helped identify and correct these restricted areas.. Once we opened these up these blockages and the blood and lymphatic system started moving the pressure released.
Immediately the pain went away. JoAnne was out of pain. Her follow up treatment strengthened those weakened areas so this condition has a less likelihood of returning.
If you or someone you know has Gout or a kidney involvement, pick up the phone and make an appointment at the Winner Wellness Center. It changed JoAnne’s life. dramatically.

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