Depression & Anxiety North GA


Cynthia, had been suffering from mood swings, depression and anxiety for years. These dramatic swings made her withdrawal from her family. She knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t know where to turn to.  She felt it was a hormonal imbalance, but no one could help her. She knew she had to get outside the traditional medical model. She knew somebody could help, but who?

Then she took a chance and went to the Winner Wellness Center. She felt she needed a wholistic approach. It began to work almost immediately. Two things happened. First she became calmer, more relaxed and happier. Far beyond that now she began handling situations in a positive proactive manner. Not going back into that ‘rabbit hole’. but taking old disrupts and making them workable solutions in her life.

She now is making her life work the way she wants it. By the way, all without the use of drugs or medication.

Cynthia, shared her story, so that others who have lived this nightmare can have the chance of living the happy fulfilling life she is now enjoying.

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